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EditoWeb USA NeWs: Kerry vows to disprove Swift boat claims - 17/11/2007

BOSTON - Sen. John Kerry, whose 2004 presidential campaign was torpedoed by critics of his Vietnam War record, said Friday he has personally accepted a Texas oilman's offer to pay $1 million to anyone who can disprove even a single charge of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. In a letter to T....

UK news: 16 nov 2007 - Editoweb - 16/11/2007

Northern Rock chief executive quits - Schools survey highlights drink and drug abuse - Caborn calls for football pay change - House price growth to hit zero in 2008 - French police question MP's niece over killing.

USA today 15 11 07 by Editoweb - 15/11/2007

Oil spill keeps crabbers away in SF - At debate, Clinton seeks rebound - Bishops issue guidelines for Catholic voters - Broadway talks to resume this weekend - Cowboy tours country to find good news.

Illness rises as desperate residents seek safe water in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - 15/11/2007

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, 15 November 2007 – Twice each day, Emily Ncube, 72, struggles to hoist a 25-litre bucket of water onto her head. It is a gruelling chore for the frail women but a better option, she says, than making another trip to the clinic with a sick grandchild. “I look after four...

UK today 14 nov 2007 by Editoweb - 14/11/2007

Inquiry into fighter jet death - Eurostar Passengers Stranded In France - Christmas turkey fears as British bird flu cull widens - Scotland to be independent by 2017: first minister.

USA today 14 nov 2007 by Editoweb - 14/11/2007

NY governor drops immigrant license plan - Polygamist leader wants verdict tossed - Edwards vows to reverse trade policies - WWII P-38 fighter discovered in Wales - New Orleans aquarium fights red tape.

EditoWeb UK NeWs: Diana doctor 'thought she would survive' - 13/11/2007

A doctor who was first at the scene of the crash which killed Princess Diana has told her inquest he thought she would survive. Dr Frederic Mailliez said he was driving through the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris in the early hours of August 31 1997 when he came upon the Princess's crashed car in...

EditoWeb UK News: Smith faces MPs over immigrants row - 13/11/2007

The Home Secretary has defended her decision not to make public the fact that illegal immigrants were cleared to work as security guards. acqui Smith told the Commons that she had wanted to establish the "full nature and scale" of the scandal before making an announcement to the public. Ms...

EditoWeb USA: N.M. man accused of 13 rapes in Mexico - 13/11/2007

EL PASO, Texas - A New Mexico man accused of repeatedly crossing into Mexico and raping at least 13 women in their homes was formally notified of the charges he faces Tuesday in a Mexican court. Gustavo Haro, 32, was arrested Sunday in the sprawling city of Ciudad Juarez, across the Rio Grande...

Editoweb USA News: Witness says O.J. wanted 'heat' in Vegas - 13/11/2007

LAS VEGAS - One of the men who accompanied O.J. Simpson to a hotel-room confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers testified Tuesday that the former football star wanted them to bring "heat" to show they meant business. Simpson, his golfing buddy, Walter Alexander, and Charles "Spencer"...

USA news by Editoweb - 12/11/2007

A Weekend of Skirmishing for Obama and Clinton - Thompson to be endorsed by Right to Life - Edwards unveils plan for vets with PTSD - Pope to visit US, including ground zero - Herbal sex pills pose hidden dangers.

UK news by Editoweb - 12/11/2007

Bird flu found on farm - Paparazzi 'argued over who was to blame' - IRA suspected over lorry driver's murder: watchdog - Brown to emphasise 'special relationship' - Yell executives buy 500,000 shares in company.

Editoweb: UK today 11 nov 2007 - 11/11/2007

Jonathan Aitken to return to politics - Illegal immigrants cleared for jobs - Queen leads tributes to war dead - Police Arrested Over Credit Card Expenses - Schools 'must remove poor teachers'.

Editoweb: USA today 11 nov 2007 - 11/11/2007

Broadway stagehand strike enters 2nd day - Obama to push higher Social Security tax - Offerings still pile up for Vietnam Vets - China confirms toys had toxic substance - Loyalty a factor in heroism.

Editoweb: UK today 10 nov 2007 - 10/11/2007

World Bank calls for more National Happiness in Bhutan - U.S. attack on Iran may "open Pandora's box" - Belgian arrives home after Chad detention - Amy Winehouse Husband Appears In Court - Journalists expelled from Pakistan.

Editoweb: UK today 9 nov 2007 - 09/11/2007

Communities escape flood carnage - Tougher speeding penalties planned - Court to hear BAE corruption case challenge - Toys recalled over 'date rape' drug fear - Smoking may be adding to global TB burden: research.

Editoweb: USA today 9 nov 2007 - 09/11/2007

War objector's 2nd court-martial blocked - Minnesota considers paying bridge victims - Analysis: Kerik could tarnish Giuliani - Tancredo May Soon Be Gone, but Certainly Not Soon Forgotten - Bush Worker-Screening Plan Runs Into Opposition From Employers.

EditoWeb USA NeWs: New Jersey Democrats Grapple With Rebuke of Stem Cell Initiative - 08/11/2007

TRENTON, Stung and puzzled by the defeat of a ballot initiative to borrow $450 million for stem cell research, leading Democrats in New Jersey struggled on Wednesday to explain why they were repudiated by voters and how they planned to finance the biomedical research for a center already under...

Editoweb: UK today 8 nov 2007 - 08/11/2007

Evacuations Amid Tidal Flood Threat - Parents jailed for tot death - Ministers focus on climate change - Military chiefs demand more cash - School stripper shocks birthday boy.

Editoweb: USA today 8 nov 2007 - 08/11/2007

Oral Roberts' son accused of misspending - Bernanke says US economy likely to slow - Democrats warn Pakistan like '70s Iran - 23 charged in O'Hare immigration bust - Ship's oil washing up on Calif. beaches.
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