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26/10/2007 - 13:03

Editoweb Canada News: Fast-food restaurant burglars face 355 charges

Three people are facing 355 charges for burgling into fast-food restaurants in a "unique way" in Toronto, Canada's largest city, local media reported Thursday. The suspects, two men and one woman, targeted more than 200 businesses across the Toronto area since the fall in 2006, netting 250,000 Canadian dollars (250,000 U.S. dollars) in cash, the report said.

The suspects wore disguises when they dropped off a one square-meter cardboard box in front of the store late at night. One of them would then crawl into the box and remove the door's glass pane through an open side of the box.

The cardboard sat right up against the door, looking like a delivery and therefore concealing the action. Nothing looked unusual to passing police cruisers or motorists.

After entering the store using the specialized tools, the culprits would steal cash and take any laptops found inside the office, according to authorities.

The suspects communicated to each other using ear-pieces and disabled alarm systems, police said.

"These suspects were very organized and they planned and executed every one of their entries," Toronto police Det. Sgt. Reuben Stroble told reporters at a press conference Thursday.

Toronto police began the investigation and arrested the suspects in September after noticing a spike in burglary cases at fast-food restaurants across the city since the fall of 2006.


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