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09/11/2007 - 22:08

Editoweb: UK today 9 nov 2007

Communities escape flood carnage - Tougher speeding penalties planned - Court to hear BAE corruption case challenge - Toys recalled over 'date rape' drug fear - Smoking may be adding to global TB burden: research.

Communities escape flood carnage
Coastal communities came "within a whisker" of devastation after the highest tides for more than half a century, the Environment Agency said.
A tidal surge in the North Sea took the waters to more than 2.8m (9.2ft) above their usual level in some parts of East Anglia - the highest swell seen since the catastrophic floods of 1953 in which hundreds of people were killed.

Tougher speeding penalties planned
Motorists who drive well over the speed limit could face tougher penalties under new Government plans.
Those caught driving at 45mph or above in a 30mph limit are likely to receive a fixed penalty of six points, an increase on the flat rate of three points, it has been suggested.
It could mean drivers who speed excessively would quickly get a six-month driving ban for accumulating 12 points within three years.

Court to hear BAE corruption case challenge
The High Court agreed on Friday to hear a challenge to a decision by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to drop a corruption probe into Europe's biggest defence company, BAE Systems.
The SFO called off a two-year investigation last December into the biggest export deal in British history, the massive state-to-state Al Yamamah arms deal between Britain and Saudi Arabia.

Toys recalled over 'date rape' drug fear
Up to 500,000 toys are being recalled after concerns they contain a chemical that converts to a powerful "date rape" drug if ingested.
Character Group - the UK distributor of Bindeez beads has asked retailers and consumers across the UK and Ireland to return the products as China froze exports of the similar "Aqua Dots" product.

Smoking may be adding to global TB burden: research
Smoking may be responsible for up to a fifth of tuberculosis (TB) infections and deaths world-wide, according to research presented at a global lung health conference in Cape Town on Friday.
"Probably more than 20 percent of the global TB burden may be attributable to smoking," researcher Karen Slama told journalists on the sidelines of the gathering arranged by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

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