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USA UK and Malta News
24/11/2007 - 22:23

Editoweb: USA today, 24 nov 2007

Blue-collar women see hope in Clinton - Giuliani's Critics Point to Cronyism - Test of faith at Oral Roberts University - Web bidding help drives live auctions - Islamic academy under attack.

Blue-collar women see hope in Clinton
Hillary Clinton's campaign is capitalizing on an overlooked strain of feminism in blue-collar women - nurse's aides, factory workers, farmers, and single mothers - to help fuel her strength among the Democratic candidates for president.
Even many working-class women who have spent their lives in traditional roles at home and work have been animated by Clinton's effort to shatter what she has called "the highest, hardest glass ceiling."

Giuliani's Critics Point to Cronyism
"Surround Yourself With Great People" was the title of a chapter in "Leadership," Rudolph W. Giuliani's best-selling celebration of his management style, but to critics of his performance in two terms as mayor of New York, it was an admonition he too often ignored.
While some of his original appointments to high-level city jobs were well regarded, these critics describe a pattern in which capable appointees either quit or were pushed out, leaving the top levels of the Giuliani administration increasingly populated by friends and close associates.

Test of faith at Oral Roberts University
Back in 1963, when evangelist Oral Roberts built a university on Tulsa's southern outskirts and put his name on it, he believed he was taking orders from God.
At the center of campus he built a 200-foot steel and glass prayer tower that looks like a spaceship and is topped with a flickering gas flame representing the Holy Spirit.

Web bidding help drives live auctions
His chanting is rhythmic and rapid, a staccato string of numbers that quickly grows hypnotic as auctioneer Kevin Teets scans the audience, eyes darting between buyers on opposite sides of the room.
Perched in the front row is Dave Kauffman, who has come 220 miles from Marysville, Ohio, in search of vintage, remote-control model airplanes and accessories.

Islamic academy under attack
Its most virulent critics have dubbed it "Terror High" and 12 U.S. senators and a federal commission want to shut it down.
The teachers, administrators and some 900 students at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax County have heard the allegations for years — after the Sept. 11 attacks and then a few years later when a class valedictorian admitted he had joined al-Qaida.

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