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USA UK and Malta News
05/02/2008 - 22:44

UK today Editoweb, 05 feb. 2008

Chef: 'I Had Sex With Sally Anne's Body' - Johnson calls for England-wide fluoridation - Cameron pushes for openness on MPs' expenses - PM: Intercept Evidence May Be Used - Naomi: Fashion Industry Is Racist.

Chef: 'I Had Sex With Sally Anne's Body'
A man accused of murdering teenage model Sally Anne Bowman says he had sex with her dead body but did not kill her, a court has heard. Chef Mark Dixie, 37, claims he was under the influence of drink and drugs and had "taken advantage of the situation" as the girl lay in a pool of blood.
Prosecutor Brian Altman added: "That astonishingly is his defence. It is born out of desperation. There is not a single grain of truth in it."

Johnson calls for England-wide fluoridation
The health secretary has urged the NHS to add fluoride to all water supplies across England in a bid to improve oral health. Since 2003 local strategic health authorities (SHA) have had the legal power to compel water companies to enrich tap water with fluoride. However, none have taken up this right and Alan Johnson today announced £32 million of government funding to enable SHAs to consult local people on the case for fluoridation.

Cameron pushes for openness on MPs' expenses
Members of the shadow government will be made to publish full details of their expenses claims and allowances, David Cameron said today. The disclosure will include the amount paid to any family members employed at their offices, the Conservative leader confirmed. All frontbench MPs will be expected to reveal how many staff are employed, their names and position. Salary details will only be expected from relatives.

PM: Intercept Evidence May Be Used
Sky sources say the Prime Minister will agree, in principle, to the use of intercept evidence in court. A review of the matter will be published tomorrow and Gordon Brown will make a statement after Prime Minister's Questions. In July last year Mr Brown asked former permanent secretary to the Northern Ireland office, Sir John Chilcot, to look at whether using such evidence in court would help secure more convictions.

Naomi: Fashion Industry Is Racist
Supermodel Naomi Campbell says the fashion industry is more racist than ever with few black faces on magazine covers or catwalks. The 37-year-old said "women of colour" were not a trend. She told The London Paper: "That's the bottom line. It's a pity that people don't always appreciate black beauty. "In some instances, black models are being sidelined by major modelling agencies.

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