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17/04/2012 - 22:13

Malta news: SmartCity Malta lagoon

Malta news: SmartCity Malta lagoon - Environmental Health Directorate: 2,871 kilograms of foodstuffs destroyed - Police deny allegations on Karin Grech murder - Work on SmartCity Malta lagoon kicks off.

Malta news: SmartCity Malta lagoon
Environmental Health Directorate: 2,871 kilograms of foodstuffs destroyed
Quantities of rice, expired foodstuffs, meat products and eggs were among food that was destroyed in March by the Environmental Health Directorate. In all, 2,871 kilograms of foodstuffs were destroyed, made up of: 2,640kg of rice due to the possibility of foreign objects; 50.4kg of expired foodstuffs; 83kg of meat products which were produced without any approval; 70kg of various pre-packed foodstuffs due to the risk of contamination; 24kg of meat and 3.65 kg of eggs due to lack of traceability. Nine audits at hotels, and other similar premises to ascertain compliance with Control of Legionella Regulations and the Registration of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations were performed by the Health Inspectorate during last month. During March, 35 schools were inspected to ensure compliance with general hygiene requirements. Such inspections are carried out in private, government or Church-owned schools. Fifty-two consignments of food imported/traded into Malta were also inspected during March by Environmental Health Officers attached with the Port Health Services in this directorate. One consignment consisting of 50 cases of Wurstel was returned to the supplier in Italy as these were not stored in adequate temperature. During March, the Health Inspectorate received 107 requests to process applications to operate food and non-food businesses. Prospective operators who wish to open such businesses are obliged to apply for a permit with the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (Mepa) and then apply for the actual licence with the competent authority such as the Trade Licensing Unit or Malta Tourism Authority. At every stage, the directorate is consulted in order to verify suitability of proposed premises.(independent.com.mt) This proves that the controls are strict.

Work on SmartCity Malta lagoon kicks off
Construction activities on SmartCity Malta’s lagoon district are swiftly moving ahead. Scheduled for completion by end of the year, this will feature the central water body incorporating the surroundings of open public spaces and urban destinations. The centre-piece of the development is comprised of a reinforced basin structure, forming the lagoon body. A site-wide rainwater harvesting tank will also be constructed underneath the basin structure, which aggregates the entire development’s stormwater run-off from roads and hard landscaped areas. The harvested rain water will be recycled and utilised for firefighting, irrigation and waste-water flushing purposes within and beyond built structures. Excavation works have been completed for these structures allowing for reinforced structural works to commence shortly. On a building scale, SCM02, SCM03, SCM04 and SCM05 are gearing steadily towards structural completion. SCM02 and SCM03 – both multi-storey office buildings, have reached the last floor. The retail buildings SCM04 and SCM05, collectively forming three storeys of exclusive retail and food and beverage outlets, are also nearing completion of the superstructure. Erection of the building façades, interior finishing and the installation of building services are expected to start imminently upon awarding the selected contractors. Once completed, Phase 2 buildings will add 18,000 sqm of mixed-use office and commercial space to SmartCity Malta.(independent.com.mt) Much will it damage the environment?

Police deny allegations on Karin Grech murder
Allegations about Karin Grech's murder by her father Edwin in The Sunday Times last Sunday have been categorically denied by the police. Prof. Grech wrote last Sunday that the criminal investigation into his daughter's murder was amateurish and disjointed. He claimed that the most important group of students were never investigated, while politically-connected people were also never interrogated or investigated. The police, he said, even failed to check the veracity of information he provided. In a statement this evening the police said that the same allegations were made by Prof. Grech in December, and the police had already denied them. "The Police categorically deny these allegations and once again confirm that all information which came to the knowledge of the police in this case, including information referred to by Prof. Grech himself, has been thoroughly investigated and brought to the attention of the inquiring magistrate. "It is to be added that this case has been rigorously investigated along the years and it is still being intensively investigated up to this day.(timesofmalta.com) The police are a public authority, not the press.

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