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21/12/2007 - 21:37

USA today, Editoweb 21 dec 2007

States step up demands for restitution - Trouble follows Philly TV anchorwoman - Tancredo's Single Issue Victory - Today on the presidential campaign trail - Da Vinci drawings affected by mold.

States step up demands for restitution
A young burglar accused of burning down the St. Paul United Methodist Church 13 years ago was ordered to make $2.4 million in restitution. It was, at best, wishful thinking on the part of the court.
A new church was built, but no thanks to him. He coughed up a paltry $374.

Trouble follows Philly TV anchorwoman
The Anchor Behaving Badly show seems to be in reruns.
Philadelphia newscaster Alycia Lane — who cried to Dr. Phil about her divorce and e-mailed bikini shots of herself to a married NFL sportscaster — is now charged with assaulting a New York police officer.
"Does ... trouble find her? Yeah," Gov. Ed Rendell, who calls himself a friend, told sports radio station WIP-AM.

Tancredo's Single Issue Victory
Matt Johnson was driving to Tom Tancredo's offices in the Des Moines suburbs when he heard that his favorite candidate was dropping out of the race. "I'm going, 'What the heck? Jeez!'" said Johnson, standing in front of Tancredo's locked and already empty offices. Johnson had been on the last leg of the 90-minute drive from his home in Creston when he heard Tancredo's statement live on the radio.

Today on the presidential campaign trail
Rice slams Huckabee criticism of Bush 'bunker mentality' foreign policy ... Romney rails against earmarks in budget deal ... Edwards says his supporters will caucus ... Tancredo aide backs Thompson's candidacy ... Judge tosses out part of suit against Huckabee over Arkansas hard drives.

Da Vinci drawings affected by mold
Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus, the largest collection of drawings and writings by the Renaissance master, has been infiltrated by mold, officials said Friday.
The extent of any damage is not yet known to the roughly 1,120-page Codex containing his drawings and writings from 1478-1519 on topics ranging from flying machines to weapons, mathematics to botany.

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