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18/06/2008 - 16:50

Computer: Equipment and Supplies in Dakar, Senegal

Compusystems is a company selling PC or Mac and Apple, peripherals and accessories and consumables. Contact: Mr. Diouf Mickael General Manager COMPUSYSTEMS 115 Avenue Blaise Diagne Dakar, SENEGAL.

It's not just you submit a hardware supplier: Printers, UPS, USB cables, peripherals and all consumables imposed your computer system, but also a certain sense of service after sale. So it is true that the reputation of Compusystems beyond the borders of Senegal with a customer who does not hesitate to come from Mali, Mauritania and Niger.

Bet that the new partner of Global Business Senegal (MoBus) and Editoweb Magazine continues to develop the use of information technology in Senegal and in the sub region.

Matériel et Consommables
Monsieur Diouf Mickael
General Manager
115 Avenue Blaise Diagne

Tel : +221 33 823 47 38
Fax : +221 33 842 91 05
Mob : +221 77 644 99 59


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