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19/10/2007 - 22:48

Editoweb: Benazir Buttho through european medias

Accounts of the attack differed somewhat: local security officials blamed a lone suicide bomber, but Bhutto was quoted by The Associated Press as saying that there were several attackers. The revenge of the Sultana - Blood in Karachi - Tribal Leader denies having to do with attack.

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Le Monde France - Extract of The revenge of the Sultana in

Benazir Bhutto is not without stomach. The death prowls around this woman for so long. Father executed, brothers murdered: the adored daughter of blazing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, populist prime minister, deposed then hanged on the orders of a dictator, is the ultimate advantage of the most famous political dynasty feudal of the "land of pure."

Twice, the "president for life" of the Pakistani People's Party (PPP) won the elections. Twice, she has led the central government in Islamabad. Twice, she was reversed at the halfway point for "incompetence and corruption".

Chaos at the site of the attack - Extract of Blood in Karachi: in

Benazir Bhutto was the target, but she was not injured, "said a high-ranking representatives of Bhutto's People's Party, PPP. Thousands of followers framed the streets after the politician in the afternoon, after eight years in exile returned to Pakistan returned war.Innenminister Aftab Sherpao described the attack as a double "terrorism".

"This was a directed against Benazir Bhutto and terrorist act aimed to sabotage the democratic process," said Sherpao. It was most likely to suicide bombings traded. A remote ignition of explosives was due to the security vehicles mounted jammer not have been possible.

Meanwhile, Bhutto's husband made the Pakistani secret service responsible for the attack. "We accuse the secret services and demand that action against him," said Asif Ali Zardari to the television channel ARY ONE.

Tribal Leader denies having to do with attack, despite previous threats Extract in

A leader of the Pakistani tribal belt bordering Afghanistan today denied having anything to do with the attack Benazir Bhutto in Karachi last night, despite previous threats that gave the opposition leader.

A close collaborator of Bailullah disarm, head of a tribe of South Waziristan, said today in a telephone call to a newspaper in Peshawar (northwestern) 'Pakistani Taliban do not believe in the murder of innocent civilians and, moreover, times have nothing against her (Bhutto).

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