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03/12/2007 - 22:50

Editoweb: UK today, 03 dec 2007

Labour party funding scandal flares up again - EU eases foot-and-mouth restrictions on Britain, Cyprus - Government 'wasting cancer funding' - Diana inquest: 'Driver should not have got behind the wheel' - Rich nations must do more on climate change: Prince Charles.

Labour party funding scandal flares up again
A financing scandal engulfing Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labour Party flared up again on Monday when a cabinet minister disclosed he had failed to declare donations to the elections watchdog.
The disclosure was a setback to Brown, who has been struggling to regain control of the political agenda after his party was blown off course by a storm over illegal donations.

EU eases foot-and-mouth restrictions on Britain, Cyprus
EU nations on Monday agreed to ease their foot-and-mouth disease restrictions on Britain and Cyprus, as no new cases have been discovered recently, the European Commission said in a statement.
European veterinary experts agreed, along with the Commission, that meat and meat products could once again be exported from anywhere in Britain, although a ban on livestock would remain in place for animals from the Surrey area of southeast England where the disease first surfaced in September.

Government 'wasting cancer funding'
The Government has come under fire for pouring money into the battle against cancer with little effect after unveiling its five-year strategy aimed at fighting the disease.
An extra £370 million will be invested in NHS cancer services by 2010 under the new Cancer Reform Strategy (CRS) launched by Health Secretary Alan Johnson.
It could see cigarettes banned from vending machines and under 18s prevented from using sunbeds amid growing concerns about the increased cancer risk from certain lifestyle choices.

Diana inquest: 'Driver should not have got behind the wheel'
The man who drove Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed on the journey on which they were killed knew he should not have been at the wheel, a court has heard.
Henri Paul, acting head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, was reminded moments before setting off that it was not his job to drive the couple but said nothing, the inquest was told.

Rich nations must do more on climate change: Prince Charles
The world's haves must do more to combat climate change, Prince Charles and a former World Bank chief economist wrote in separate comment pieces published on Friday.
The articles came ahead of a key UN conference gathering some 190 countries in Bali, Indonesia, from December 3-14, with the aim of setting a strategy for negotiations to beef up action against climate change post-2012.

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