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USA UK and Malta News
23/11/2007 - 22:34

Editoweb: UK today 23 nov 2007

Lebanese president calls in army after vote fails - Brown fires back after military row - Climate change in focus at Commonwealth summit - Yo! Singapore censor rap hits YouTube - Crackdown on skin bleaching creams.

Lebanese president calls in army after vote fails
Lebanese President Emile Lahoud ordered the army to take charge of security on Friday after political rivalry blocked the election of his successor, hours before he was due to step down.
The Lebanese parliament failed on Friday to grasp its last chance to elect a head of state before pro-Syrian Lahoud's term expires at midnight (10 p.m. British time). The speaker of parliament asked members to meet again next Friday for another attempt.

Brown fires back after military row
Prime Minister Gordon Brown defended his record on Friday after an unprecedented attack by five retired defence chiefs who accused him of neglecting the armed forces and risking soldiers' lives.
The former armed forces heads accused the government of failing to provide the training and equipment needed for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Climate change in focus at Commonwealth summit
Commonwealth heads of state should send a strong message of support to next month's international summit on climate change in Bali, the 53-nation group's chairman said Friday.
"There is little doubt that in order to keep the adaptation challenge in manageable bounds we must work decisively towards the aim of reducing greeenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent below 1990 levels, and this to be reached by 2050," said Lawrence Gonzi, outgoing chairman and Maltese prime minister.

Yo! Singapore censor rap hits YouTube
Singapore's Media Development Authority, which regulates and censors media and the arts, has scored an unexpected hit on YouTube with a rap video about the city-state's media ambitions.
The YouTube posting has received more than 11,000 hits -- and a string of snide postings on the video site (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjLw28UVWEU&feature=related). The government body aims to promote the growth of the media industry, to promote "core values" and safeguard consumer interests, its Web site says.

Crackdown on skin bleaching creams

Skin bleaching is an industry worth millions, but it has been revealed some customers are being sold illegal - and potentially lethal - skin bleaching creams.
Investigators have found some lotions with illegal chemicals so potent they've been described as the biological equivalent of paint stripper.
One such chemical is hydroquinone, which was banned in Britain seven years ago.

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