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USA UK and Malta News
03/11/2007 - 23:06

Editoweb: UK today 3 nov 2007

Madeleine detectives have little to show - Defiant rebels vow to retaliate if Turkish military invades northern Iraq - Risky spacewalk achieves repair of solar array - Farewell to the First Couple of TV - LIVERPOOL missed their chance to close the gap on Arsenal and Manchester United.

Madeleine detectives have little to show (bbc.co.uk)
For police investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance on 3 May this year, the six-month anniversary will simply draw attention, yet again, to just how little they have managed to ascertain.
There remain three official suspects: Gerry and Kate McCann, Madeleine's parents, and Robert Murat, an expatriate British resident of Praia da Luz.
But beyond the mantra of "ongoing forensic tests" there appear to be no firm lines of enquiry and no apparent prospect of any charges.

Defiant rebels vow to retaliate if Turkish military invades northern Iraq (iht.com)
A defiant spokesman for the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party said Saturday if Turkey attacks the group's bases in Iraq's rugged northeastern mountains, the clandestine organization's fighters "will teach the Turks an unforgettable lesson."
Sozdar Avesta, a member of the party's political bureau, told The Associated Press in an interview in Iraq's ungoverned border region that despite international pressure the guerilla group would not abandon its decades-long struggle against Turkey.

Risky spacewalk achieves repair of solar array - Summary (earthtimes.org)
Astronauts working outside the International Space Station (ISS) succeeded Saturday in repairing a torn solar array in one of the riskiest spacewalks ever, NASA said. Scott Parazynski, the US physician-astronaut who grew up in Senegal, Lebanon, Iran and Greece, and US astronaut Doug Wheelock worked for some five hours on the mission's fourth space walk.
The procedure, one of the most complicated in the history of the space station, was declared a success after Parazynski managed to install five special links to repair two rips in the panel.
Space Shuttle Discovery Commander Pamela Melroy congratulated Parazynski, saying "well done" after he successfully installed a brace on the ripped panel.

Farewell to the First Couple of TV (news.independent.co.uk)
For nearly two decades, they have dominated daytime television – and had a huge influence on our wider culture. But now Richard and Judy say that they are going to call it a day. John Walsh laments.
It's a sad day for celebrity psychiatrists, minor film stars, career criminals, song-pluggers and paperback writers. Richard and Judy are calling it a day. Not for their marriage, which seems as inexplicably strong as ever, but for the show that has, in various guises, been running for nearly two decades. It was announced yesterday that, at the end of 2008, 20 years after their first joint appearance on the small screen, Richard & Judy will be no more.

Blackburn 0, Liverpool 0 (liverpoolecho.co.uk)
LIVERPOOL missed their chance to close the gap on Arsenal and Manchester United – only managing a point, just as the front-runners had against each other earlier in the day.
After fielding three strikers against Arsenal a week ago, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez was in more sensible mood at a sold-out Ewood Park, with Dirk Kuyt on his own up front behind a five-man midfield.
This made for a less than expansive game and with Rovers also determined to get men behind the ball, it was 34 minutes before either side had a meaningful effort in the final third.

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