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21/10/2008 - 20:05

USA Today Editoweb 21 october 2008

Obama says McCain offers 'willful ignorance' - McCain says his campaign is focused on the economy - London's Conservative mayor endorses Obama.

Obama says McCain offers 'willful ignorance'

Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain is offering little more than "willful ignorance, wishful thinking, outdated ideology" to an economy in crisis, seeking to capitalize on the main issue that is propelling him forward in the race for the White House.

McCain says his campaign is focused on the economy

Republican presidential candidate John McCain dismissed the idea that he can't win the presidency if the top issue is the flagging economy and used a remark by Democrat Barack Obama's own running mate to argue that Obama isn't ready to be president.

London's Conservative mayor endorses Obama

The mayor of London, a member of the British political party that is a traditional ally of U.S. Republicans, says Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama "visibly incarnates change and hope, at a time when America desperately needs both."

Bush hosts international aid summit

At a time when the global economic crisis is affecting the most vulnerable across the globe, the Bush administration says the United States and other developed countries must honor their commitments to foreign assistance.

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