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30/08/2008 - 19:26

USA Today Editoweb 30 august 2008

Dem ad: McCain `doesn't get it' despite Palin - Obama: Let's hope lessons of Katrina were learned -
McCain makes history with choice of running mate

Dem ad: McCain `doesn't get it' despite Palin

Democrat Barack Obama's latest ad carefully avoids direct criticism of GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin while seeking to make the case that John McCain's campaign offers no change from President Bush.

Obama: Let's hope lessons of Katrina were learned

Barack Obama expressed hope Saturday that the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina three years ago would help to protect the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Gustav this time. His running mate, Joe Biden, urged people to pray that the levees in New Orleans hold.

McCain makes history with choice of running mate

In two short years, Sarah Palin moved from small-town mayor with a taste for mooseburgers to the governor's office and now — making history — to John McCain's side as the first female running mate on a Republican presidential ticket.

Clinton urges support for Obama, says stakes high

Hillary Rodham Clinton urged voters Saturday to support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, saying the stakes of the election are high and the differences between Obama and Republican John McCain are stark.

6 things the Palin pick says about McCain Politico

The selection of a running mate is among the most consequential, most defining decisions a presidential nominee can make. John McCain’s pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says a lot about his decison-making — and some of it is downright breathtaking.

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