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04/09/2008 - 19:53

USA Today Editoweb 4 septembre 2008

McCain to give big speech on rebuilt stage - Biden, others hit the airwaves to counter Palin - Environmentalists can't corral Palin

McCain to give big speech on rebuilt stage

John McCain embarks on his final drive for the White House Thursday night, accepting the Republican presidential nomination and addressing the party's national convention from a stage that workers were hastily rebuilding to fit his "town hall" approach.

Biden, others hit the airwaves to counter Palin

Democrats shot back at GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Thursday, saying her convention speech was laden with partisan attacks but devoid of substantive answers about where the Republican ticket would take the nation.

Environmentalists can't corral Palin

At the National Governors Association conference where she first met John McCain, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had other business: making her case to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne against classifying the polar bear as a threatened species.

Biden to vigorously challenge Palin on issues

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden said Thursday that he will vigorously challenge Republican Sarah Palin on the issues, but will refrain from personal attacks.

Wasilla proud of Palin speech Politico

The 30 or so folks gathered  here around the pale wood bar at Great Bear Brewing Company in Sarah Palin’s hometown swelled with pride as they watched her acceptance speech on C-SPAN, occasionally letting out hoots of approval when the Alaska governor zinged Obama.

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