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19/11/2007 - 20:40

USA today, 19 nov 2007 - Editoweb

Gilmore announces 2008 U.S. Senate bid - Obama, Clinton clash over rumor - Immigration Is the Question - Conservative Frontrunner Still Unclear Among Republican Candidates - Calorie Counting.

Gilmore announces 2008 U.S. Senate bid
Former GOP Gov. Jim Gilmore announced Monday that he will seek the U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Republican John Warner. Gilmore's announcement sets up a campaign with another former governor, Democrat Mark R. Warner — a clash between two men with vastly different views about government and little affection for the other.
Gilmore, 58, made the announcement, which for weeks had been regarded a certainty, in a video e-mailed to 5,000 supporters and reporters and posted on YouTube and other Web sites.

Obama, Clinton clash over rumor
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama insisted in Iowa on Sunday that his campaign's swift and public response to a published rumor of personal scandal was aimed at putting the issue to rest.
The senator from Illinois rejected the idea that he was giving credence to a vague reference by conservative columnist Robert Novak, whose nationally syndicated column Saturday stated that "agents" of Clinton's campaign were ...

Immigration Is the Question
Barack Obama had just ended his stump speech before a friendly audience in this tiny southern Iowa town when Stephen Scott's hand shot up with a question. Would Mr. Obama, as president, have signed last summer's failed "amnesty bill" for illegal immigrants, Mr. Scott, a local landscape painter, asked testily.
Mr. Obama cautiously walked through a long answer that ended with a plan to give legal status to long-established illegal immigrants. "There. Another question," he said, shutting down discussion.

Conservative Frontrunner Still Unclear Among Republican Candidates
At the beginning of 2007, a compelling narrative of the Republican race suggested that Rudy Giuliani and John McCain would compete to be the moderate candidate while Mitt Romney and some others would seek to become the conservative alternative.
Giuliani handily won the "politically moderate" semi-finals over McCain and became the Republican frontrunner.

Calorie Counting
I'm with the Wendy's guy. It doesn't make sense to deal out a potentially damaging regulation to companies who have actually made a lot more progress in making calorie counts available to consumers than those who blatantly throw their hands up in the air and refuse to do anything. I personally tend to avoid fast food, but when I have no other option (such as when I'm working the overnight shift and forgot to bring something from home,) I do my research online before venturing out. I can't be the only one. (Posted by tenma_sama on Mon, Nov 19, 2007 3:03 AM ET)

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