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14/12/2007 - 20:43

USA today, Editoweb 14 dec 2007

Clinton Apologizes To Obama Over Aide's Drug Remark - Rivals try class warfare against Romney - Huckabee Is Not Alone in Ignorance on Mormonism - Another wintry blast targets Okla., Kan. - Terror, not climate change, on the mind of US.

Clinton Apologizes To Obama Over Aide's Drug Remark
On a day when her campaign advisers had hoped the final debate before the Iowa caucuses would help Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton reestablish herself as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton offered a formal apology to Sen. Barack Obama and accepted the resignation of a prominent campaign organizer who had raised questions about her rival's use of drugs.

Rivals try class warfare against Romney
Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson have begun casting Republican rival Mitt Romney as a scion of the upper class, contrasting him with their more humble roots in hopes of undermining the richest candidate in a well-off group.
"Our founding fathers had a brilliant, really revolutionary idea that the people elected would not represent the elite, but would represent the ordinary," Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, said at a debate in Iowa this week, a subtle poke at the former Massachusetts governor.

Huckabee Is Not Alone in Ignorance on Mormonism
Mike Huckabee insists he spoke out of ignorance, not malice against the faith of a Republican rival, Mitt Romney, when he asked, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?”
Although there may have been a kernel of truth in his question, Mr. Huckabee’s confessed ignorance about Mormonism is widely shared.

Another wintry blast targets Okla., Kan.
Another wintry blast was forecast Friday for the nation's midsection, where hundreds of thousands are still in the dark after a deadly ice storm brought down power lines, snapped trees and coated roads.
The system could complicate restoration efforts to the some 355,000 homes and businesses in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri still without power after the first storm darkened 1 million customers at its height earlier this week.

Terror, not climate change, on the mind of US
GEORGE Bush may be a lame duck President, but his presence is hanging heavy over negotiations for a climate change road map — not least over Australia's decision not to push for a carbon emissions target to be included in the Bali declaration.
The equation is pretty simple. The world needs the US — the world's worst polluter — included in the post-Kyoto treaty. The US under Bush has no intention of agreeing to a binding target of any kind, let alone the UN's proposed 25-40% cut from the developed world by 2020.

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