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23/04/2020 - 23:42

Adwords Agency Genève

The Google Ads expert, also known as a paid search engine optimization specialist, is the person or agency that creates, configures, implements and optimizes campaigns sponsored by Google Adwords. This involves setting up campaigns for the search network, Google Shopping, Display, Remarketing, Youtube and even GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions).

Agency with Adwords certification
We have searched for you dear readers and this website has inspired us. As you know we value professionals who have that little extra soul we often talk about!
In order to recognize the people capable of managing and implementing profitable Adwords campaigns, Google has set up numerous certifications to certify the level of expertise in each of the levers (Basic Adwords, Advanced Search, Display, Shopping ...). Thus, the status of Google Partner Premier was created to facilitate the recognition of the experience of an AdWords agency.
The skills needed to be / become Google Partner
Many skills are necessary to do a quality work on AdWords.
A mastery of Adwords tools
The first thing to do to be a Google Ads adWords consultant is to know the different tools. Think AdWords, which is full of features more or less useful, but also Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Adwords Editor, Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center, Ubersuggest, which can help you facilitate the work of analysis. and segmentation ...
A knowledge of the quality score
The quality score is a central algorithm that forms the heart of the AdWords sponsored links system. A good QS (Quality Score) optimization will maximize the profitability of your campaigns by paying less for your offers. A good Quality Score will include the implementation of optimization applications on the structure of your account, the choice of your keywords, the formulation of text ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the target page ...
A marketing sensitivity
Managing AdWords campaigns requires a minimum of marketing sensitivity. In fact, like any advertising lever, you need to understand the objective you want to reach in order to communicate the right message at the right time.
A spirit of analysis
Adwords is a multitude of data and tables that you will have to analyze to draw the right conclusions. Is the level of my bid (cost per click, also called CPC) adapted to my return on investment (ROI,...) objectives? By increasing my bid by X%, I can expect an increase in the return on investment...
Proactive follow-up
AdWords is a constantly evolving tool. It does not go 6 months without a new feature being available. In 2019, we have been particularly spoiled by many new features: switch to 4 ads, change of color of the ads, change of the planned interface, enlargement of the text of the ads, new ad extensions...
Experience is also an important skill factor for a Google Ads expert. In fact, you need to do a lot of testing to know exactly what works and what doesn't work on an account. The experience gained during the implementation of these tests is that we do not repeat beginners' mistakes such as poor targeting, lack of verification of user requests, poorly distributed budgets ...
Stages of an AdWords project
The management of an Adwords project requires the implementation of a clear and structured methodology to obtain good performance.
The first phase of an AdWords coaching project consists of carrying out an analysis of the Google Adwords account. If the Google Ads account already exists, it is important to analyze it to understand what has been tried in the past.
Organize the structure of the campaign
Once the audit phase is completed, it will be necessary to design a structure and organisation for AdWords campaigns. In this phase, it will be necessary to evaluate all the strategic keywords to be addressed and associate them in a clear and precise structure.
Daily optimizations
Once the structuring is completed and the campaigns run for a few days / weeks, the next step will be to analyze performance and regularly adjust optimizations to improve AdWords performance metrics :
  • Offer management and cost per click
  • Exclusion of keywords
  • Advertisement Testing
  • Optimization of the landing page
  • Optimization of the campaign structure (addition of new keywords, new ad groups, addition of new campaigns ...)
One of the key success factors of an Adwords campaign is the ability of the Google Adwords consultant to analyze, control and make optimization decisions. A regular follow-up is necessary to draw the right lessons.
When it was launched in 2001, Adwords was just a "simple" Search Marketing that exploited the cost per click (CPC). In fact, it was originally possible to place your advertising on the purchase of keywords in Google search results. Since then, the AdWords lever has developed very widely and now influences other traffic management levers.
AdWords isn't just Search Marketing
You can then, via Google Adwords do :
  • Display the campaigns by placing banners on affinity sites and blogs
  • Price comparison via Google Shopping
  • Retargeting via the AdWords remarketing system
  • Email via GSP (promotion sponsored by Gmail)
  • Targeting mobile phones via devices
  • Video via Youtube ads
    Over time, the AdWords tool has become much more complex.
Chances are that someone who ran Adwords campaigns in 2008 is lost if he rediscovers the interface today.
Why use an AdWords consultant?
The answer is simple: a good SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consultant can help you make money by betting accurately. The right AdWords campaign manager will guide you on the digital strategy and interesting keywords to target to get profitable traffic with good click-through and conversion rates.
AdWords consultant or agency
Then you are free to call an independent consultant (freelance) or an agency. Keep in mind, however, that freelancers are generally cheaper than agencies because they have a lower tax burden, but do they have the multi-disciplinary know-how that an agency like ewm.swiss offers you? On the other hand, an agency like ewm.swiss can offer more flexibility in working.

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