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USA UK and Malta News
21/05/2008 - 20:23

UK Today Editoweb, 21 May 2008

Man charged over 1977 IRA killing - Blues and reds square off in Moscow - 'Child starves to death in Birmingham' - Murder victim: 'Nobody deserves this' - Jersey bones 'suggest killing'.

Man charged over 1977 IRA killing
A man has been charged with kidnapping an undercover British soldier who was shot dead by the IRA.
Captain Robert Nairac, 29, was working undercover in South Armagh in 1977 when he disappeared.
It emerged he had been captured by the IRA, interrogated and shot, though his body was never recovered.

Blues and reds square off in Moscow
An iron curtain of police has descended across Moscow ahead of the first all-English Champions League final.
The Russian authorities are so worried about trouble between more than 40,000 Manchester United and Chelsea supporters they have drafted in 15,000 police officers and troops to patrol the capital.
The red and blue armies have even been allocated their own airports to avoid any confrontation.

'Child starves to death in Birmingham'
A man and a woman have been charged with neglect after a seven-year-old girl reportedly died of starvation in Birmingham.

The girl, named by police as Khyra Ishaq, and five other youngsters were found in the early hours of May 17 at a terraced house in Leyton Road, in the Handsworth area of the city.

The six children were discovered lying on mattresses with the seven-year-old seriously ill and the others showing signs of emaciation, according to reports.

Murder victim: 'Nobody deserves this'
A stabbed father of two managed to gasp "nobody deserves this" before dying, a court has heard.

Robert McCartney, 33, died after suffering a stab wound outside a Belfast bar in January 2005.

Terence Malachy Davison, 51, denies murdering the forklift truck driver after he allegedly refused to apologise for insulting his wife inside Magennis's bar in the city centre.

Jersey bones 'suggest killing'
Bone fragments found in a former Jersey children's home "could suggest homicide", police have said.
The remains were found alongside teeth belonging to a child in one of four secret underground chambers at Haut de la Garenne.
Five of six teeth sent for tests would not have fallen out naturally before death, experts concluded.
Deputy chief officer of Jersey Police Lenny Harper said a total of 30 bone fragments and seven teeth had been found in one of the cellars at Haut de la Garenne.

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