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USA UK and Malta News
15/02/2009 - 19:27

UK & USA Today Editoweb 15 february 2009

Man Arrested Over Blackpool Blaze - Arrest over arcade 'arson' - CCTV Probe In Teen's Brutal Death.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 15 february 2009
Man Arrested Over Blackpool Blaze

A man has been arrested on suspicion of starting a major fire in a shopping centre.

Arrest over arcade 'arson'

A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of arson after a blaze in a shopping arcade.

CCTV Probe In Teen's Brutal Death

Detectives investigating the "particularly brutal" murder of an 18-year-old in Liverpool are examining CCTV footage in the hunt for his killer.

Murray Takes World Tennis Title

Andy Murray has beaten Rafael Nadal to take the World Tennis Tournament title but says he has mixed feelings about the win.

PFI 'may need Government bail-out'

The Government may have to bail out the Private Finance Initiative to the tune of £4 billion over the next 18 months to ensure that infrastructure projects like schools and hospitals go ahead, a spokesman for the PFI industry said.

Obama focusing on stimulus, foreclosure crisis

President Barack Obama promotes his economic agenda this week with trips outside Washington to sign the $787 billion stimulus package and to tackle the home mortgage foreclosure crisis.

Economic woes test historically black colleges

Historically black colleges and universities, which for decades have been educating students who can't afford to go — or can't imagine going — elsewhere, have been particularly challenged by the nation's economic meltdown.

Man arrested after 4 killed at hospital, NY

Two sheriffs in western New York say a 34-year-old man has been arrested after two people were killed outside a hospital and a couple were slain at their home.

Stimulus bill expected to restart mine cleanup

When the Beal Mountain mine opened in 1988 near Butte, Mont., its owner promoted open-pit cyanide leaching for extracting gold from ore as modern and environmentally friendly.

With Calif. lawmakers locked in, budget fix stalls

One vote shy of a budget deal, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday pressured reluctant Republicans in the Legislature to pass a complex plan to close the state's $42 billion deficit.

Obama to sign $787 billion stimulus bill Tuesday

Savoring his first big victory in Congress, President Barack Obama on Saturday celebrated the newly passed $787 billion economic stimulus bill as a "major milestone on our road to recovery."

Cyclical menace of ice revisits aviation

Every time ice is suspected of bringing down a plane, the volume rises on how best to protect aircraft from the all-too-common and all-too-disastrous phenomenon. And each time, the conversation fades before significant changes are made.

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