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USA UK and Malta News
18/01/2009 - 13:17

UK & USA Today Editoweb 17 january 2009

Brown urges banks to come clean over bad assets - Anti-Israel protest turns violent - UK in bid to stop Gaza weapons flow.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 17 january 2009
Brown urges banks to come clean over bad assets

Prime Minister Gordon Brown told British banks Saturday they must own up to the extent of their bad assets amid more reports his government could launch a fresh bailout of the struggling sector.

Anti-Israel protest turns violent

A demonstration against Israeli attacks on Gaza ended in violence after protesters looted and damaged shops, police said.

UK in bid to stop Gaza weapons flow

The Prime Minister has offered British naval resources to help monitor and stop weapons being smuggled into crisis-torn Gaza

Anti-war protests sweep the country

Thousands of people gathered to demonstrate against the continuing Israeli attacks on Gaza prior to the announcement of a cease-fire in the war-torn region.

Inflation slows to half-century low in 2008

Inflation slowed to a half-century low last year and industrial output fell for the first time since 2002, data showed on Friday, as the recession deepened toward year-end, raising the specter of deflation.

U.S. mayors skeptical of city help in stimulus plan

U.S. mayors on Saturday welcomed the $825 billion stimulus plan introduced in Congress this week, but worried that much of the assistance would stop at the state level and not reach cities.

Older Americans postpone retirement as economy sags

Miriam Gorman wanted to retire more than a year ago, but steep financial losses in her retirement savings mean the 71-year-old bookkeeper now plans to work on indefinitely.

Report: German economy could shrink by 2.5 percent

The German economy, Europe's biggest, could shrink by as much as 2.5 percent this year, the country's economy minister was quoted as saying Saturday.

Obama: 'Dramatic action' needed now to fix economy

President-elect Barack Obama made a pitch for his massive economic stimulus plan at a Midwestern factory that manufactures wind turbine parts, saying Friday his proposal would make smart investments in the country's future and create solid jobs in up-and-coming industries.

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