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USA UK and Malta News
18/06/2009 - 19:33

UK & USA Today Editoweb 18 June 2009

Prince Harry eyes Afghan frontline return - It's hats on for Ascot Ladies Day - Major hits out at Iraq 'whitewash'.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 18 June 2009
Prince Harry eyes Afghan frontline return

Prince Harry said Thursday he hopes to return to the Afghan front line -- only this time in a helicopter when he completes pilot training.

It's hats on for Ascot Ladies Day

A giant ice-cream cone, a black bird and 800 marshmallows have featured on the vast array of exotic hats displayed at Royal Ascot.

Major hits out at Iraq 'whitewash'

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has weighed into the controversy over the Iraq War inquiry, denouncing the Government's decision to hold the hearings in private as "inexplicable".

Baby flamingos 'scared of pink'

The colour pink is not usually something flamingos would get ruffled about but for a pink sock puppet used to feed some chicks them has left them "terrified", according to keepers at London Zoo.

Goodwin offers £4.7m cut in pension

Former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin has bowed to public pressure and offered to hand back more than £210,000 a year of his controversial pension payout.

Pilot dies mid-flight; plane lands safely in NJ

The pilot of a Continental Airlines flight from Brussels to Newark died over the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday, but the jet landed safely with two co-pilots at the controls.

Detention of journalists puts strain on media firm

With backing from Al Gore, Current TV was launched four years ago as a mix of traditional journalism and viewer-produced content meant to create an open exchange with its audience.

White US Rep. in black Tenn. district faces fight

Steve Cohen, a two-term white congressman from a mostly black House district, faces a bruising Democratic primary next year and race again will likely be at the center of the campaign.

Midwest storms spawn possible tornadoes

Powerful storms that rolled across the Midwest brought heavy rain, strong winds and spawned several apparent tornadoes, damaging homes and businesses, tossing railcars off their tracks and knocking out power to thousands.

Guard who returned fire shaken by museum shooting

After retiring from a 27-year career as a D.C. police officer, Harry Weeks thought working security at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum would provide a quieter way to make a living. A typical day involved greeting visitors and analyzing images of handbags as they passed through a magnetometer.

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