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USA UK and Malta News
19/07/2010 - 18:43

UK & USA Today Editoweb 19 July 2010

man who is paralysed below the neck and unable to speak has begun legal action to end his life. Tony Nicklinson, 56, can only communicate by blinking and nodding at letters to spell out words.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 19 July 2010
Cameron unveils 'Big Society'
Prime Minister David Cameron  has denied that his "Big Society" agenda is a cover for public service cuts. Mr Cameron kick-started the initiative with the announcement that community projects in four parts of the country are to be given help, saying: "For years, there was the basic assumption at the heart of Government that the way to improve things in our society was to micro-manage from the centre, from Westminster. But that just does not work. "We need to create communities with umph, neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destinies, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them." The Government claims the Big Society scheme will represent "the biggest, most dramatic redistribution of power" from the State to individuals.(itn)

Paralysed Man Seeks Right To End His Life
A man who is paralysed below the neck and unable to speak has begun legal action to end his life. Tony Nicklinson, 56, can only communicate by blinking and nodding at letters to spell out words. He says that since suffering a massive stroke while on a business trip to Greece five years ago his quality of life has been so poor that he now wants the right to die. But his disability means he cannot commit suicide. Instead he wants the law on mercy killing clarified so his wife can assist his death without being prosecuted for murder. In a statement, he said: "I am fed up with my life and don't want to spend the next 20 year or so like this. Am I grateful that the Athens doctors saved my life? No, I am not." "If I had my time again, and knew then what I know now, I would have not called the ambulance but let nature take its course," he added. Mr Nicklinson is too ill to travel to the Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas. He has considered starving himself to death, but it would take weeks and distress his family.(skynews)

Goldtrail Travellers Stung By Hotel Bills
Some holidaymakers arriving home after the collapse of the travel company Goldtrail say they had to pay their accommodation bills twice before they were allowed to leave. Travellers at Manchester Airport told Sky News that hotel managers were worried they would not be paid at all after the budget travel operator went under last week. Around 16,000 Britons were on holiday when the Turkey and Greece specialist went into administration on Friday. A further 2,000 were scheduled to fly from the UK last weekend. One passenger said: "All the hotels around us, they were kicking people out and you had to pay double to stay." Another said: "We have had to pay twice. It's been a disaster for us." Sky News reporter Tessa Chapman said holidaymakers were not required to pay extra sums before leaving.(skynews)

Man dies, woman and baby hurt in village shooting
Detectives are investigating after a shooting in a village left a man dead and a woman and baby injured. Paramedics said a 40-year-old woman was shot twice in the forehead and a month-old boy suffered a bump to the head at an address in Feltwell, Norfolk, at around 11am. About an hour later a 52-year-old man died after suffering gunshot wounds to the head near the address, said an ambulance service spokesman. Police said the man and the woman were "known to each other" and detectives were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. Sources said the weapon used was a pistol and one theory was that the man shot the woman then himself.(itn)

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