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USA UK and Malta News
03/03/2009 - 19:44

UK & USA Today Editoweb 3 march 2009

Deal doubled ex-RBS chief's pension - 15 face charges over murder probe - Britons make 'best job' shortlist.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 3 march 2009
Deal doubled ex-RBS chief's pension

Failed Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin doubled his multi-million pension pot in an "extraordinary" eleventh hour deal with senior bank directors, MPs were told.

15 face charges over murder probe

Fifteen people, including 13 serving and retired police officers, are to be charged over the investigation into the murder of prostitute Lynette White in 1988.

Britons make 'best job' shortlist

Tourism chiefs in Australia announced a short-list of 50 applicants for "the best job in the world" - including four Brits.

Special relationship with UK hailed

US president Barack Obama reaffirmed his belief in the special relationship between Britain and America following talks with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the White House.

Internet firms agree UK targeted advertising rules

The world's leading Internet companies including Google and Yahoo have signed up to a set of targeted advertising guidelines in Britain to provide consumers with greater privacy and protection.

Blue Angels crash artifacts found 50 years later

Debbie Harris knew the military dog tag and small metal emblem of a Navy fighter squadron she recently found in the sand near her home on an Alabama beach belonged to a Blue Angels pilot who was killed when his jet crashed there a half-century ago.

Husband in murder-suicide had killed previous wife

Authorities in Illinois say a man suspected of killing his wife and her son before committing suicide was imprisoned more than 20 years ago for murdering a previous wife.

'Lazy hiker' fee set for tired Pikes Peak climbers

Hikers who reach the summit of Pikes Peak but are daunted by the descent have reason to find a second wind — calling rescuers will cost a hefty fee.

Blistering cold hits East a day after snowstorm

East Coast residents still reeling from the effects of a massive snowstorm were met with freezing temperatures and blistering wind chills a day after as much as 16 inches of snow forced the closure of schools and businesses from South Carolina to New Hampshire.

Probe faults e-mail policies of Mo. ex-Gov. Blunt

Investigators who looked into the e-mail retention practices of former Gov. Matt Blunt asserted Tuesday that his administration violated Missouri's public records laws.

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