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USA UK and Malta News
05/01/2010 - 20:34

UK & USA Today Editoweb 5 January 2009

Plane passengers to face more security delays - Eco-summit disappointing - Miliband - Darling - restoring growth will aid deficit.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 5 January 2009
Plane passengers to face more security delays

UK airport passengers will face delays as more searches are carried out following the failed Detroit plane bombing.

Eco-summit disappointing - Miliband

The outcome of the Copenhagen climate summit was "disappointing", Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has admitted, but he insisted there had been a historic shift in the world's efforts to tackle global warming.

Darling - restoring growth will aid deficit

Cutting the public deficit too quickly would jeopardise Britain's recovery from recession and could be counter-productive, Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Tuesday.

Forecasters Warn Of Snowdrifts 40cm Deep

Millions of commuters are facing travel misery with "severe" weather predicted for the next 24 hours and warnings of more than 40cm (16in) of snow.

Hostage hopes after militant's 'release'

Hopes for the handover of the last of five British hostages in Iraq have been boosted by reports that a militant leader has been freed.

Warnings as snow chaos heads south

The Met Office issued emergency weather warnings after Arctic conditions crippled large parts of the country.

Hubble photo shows galaxies from toddler universe

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a snapshot of when the universe was just a toddler, 600 million years after the Big Bang, the earliest image yet.

US forecasters to send hurricane warnings earlier

The National Hurricane Center said Tuesday it will begin issuing storm watches and warnings about half a day sooner in the biggest change to its warning system in decades.

Family center opens at base where war dead return

The military mortuary at Dover Air Force Base, where U.S. war casualties from overseas are brought home, will open a new facility Wednesday to serve families who travel there to witness the return of their loved ones' remains.

South chilled by Arctic winds, record snow in East

Bitter cold and snow sweeping into the eastern U.S left part of New England under record snowfall and hit Southerners with subfreezing temperatures that farmers fear could destroy strawberries and other crops.

Battle flag preservation efforts hit by money woes

They made it through Shiloh, Antietam and Gettysburg, but many of the Civil War battle flags sitting in the nation's state-owned collections might not survive the budget battles being waged in some statehouses.

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