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USA UK and Malta News
05/06/2009 - 19:45

UK & USA Today Editoweb 5 June 2009

Beleaguered Gordon Brown: 'I will not walk away' - EU's biggest people smuggler jailed - Defiant Brown gambles on reshuffle.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 5 June 2009
Beleaguered Gordon Brown: 'I will not walk away'

Gordon Brown has said he will carry on as Prime Minister despite a string of senior ministers quitting his Government.

EU's biggest people smuggler jailed

A man who boasted he was Europe's biggest people smuggler has been given a nine-year prison term for a people trafficking operation which saw hundreds of illegal immigrants brought into the UK.

Defiant Brown gambles on reshuffle

Gordon Brown has handed potential rival Alan Johnson the post of Home Secretary as he reshuffled his Cabinet in a bid to cling to power.

PM 'uses women as window dressing'

Caroline Flint has delivered a devastating attack on Gordon Brown, accusing him of using women ministers as "female window dressing".

Brown declares elections a 'painful defeat'

The Conservative Party has made significant gains over Labour in the local elections.

Prison blues: States slimming down inmate meals

The recession is hitting home for inmates, too: Some cash-strapped states are taking aim at prison menus.

5th arrest in robbery slaying at Wash. Wal-Mart

Police have made a fifth arrest in the slaying of an armored car guard during a robbery at a Wal-Mart store near Tacoma, Wash.

Craigslist policing questioned after NC rape case

Craigslist has eliminated its criticized "erotic section" and pledged to screen entries to its replacement, but Connecticut's attorney general asks whether it's enough following the case of a husband accused of using the site to solicit his wife's rape.

Highway shoulders shaggy as states cut back mowing

America's highways are taking on a shaggier look for the peak travel season. Grasses, shrubs and wildflowers are exploding across median strips and road shoulders this summer as states cut back on mowing to save money.

Memories of Ike weigh on Texas beach city's summer

Another hurricane season is the last thing Galveston wants to think about after last year's devastation from Hurricane Ike.

Nagasaki A-bomb plane co-pilot dies at age 88

Charles Donald Albury, co-pilot of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, has died after years of congestive heart failure. He was 88.

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