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USA UK and Malta News
10/04/2008 - 23:39

UK today Editoweb, 10 april 2008

FSA to discuss E number ban - Accused was 'inspired by bin Laden' - Good Friday negotiators mark anniversary - Brown's malaria pledge to American Idol - Remote island of Sark steps closer to democracy.

FSA to discuss E number ban
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is mulling whether six E numbers should be banned over growing evidence of a child hyperactivity link. The FSA is meeting to discuss recommendations that manufacturers should voluntarily remove the artificial colourings from products after a study last September at Southampton University showed they pose a growing risk to psychological health.

Accused was 'inspired by bin Laden'
Osama bin Laden inspired a man accused of plotting to blow up passenger jets, a court heard. Umar Islam, 29, recorded a suicide video praising the al Qaida leader at the gang's east London bomb factory, a jury was told.
Jabbing his finger towards the camera, the alleged Islamic fanatic also paid tribute to Taliban leader Mullah Omar. The full 19-minute video was played to the jury for the first time at Woolwich Crown Court. Speaking in front of a black flag covered in Arabic writing, Islam said Allah "loves us to die and kill in his path".

Good Friday negotiators mark anniversary
Some of the key players in the Good Friday Agreement negotiations are meeting in Belfast to mark the tenth anniversary of their summit. Ireland's Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will join former US Senator George Mitchell, Nobel Peace Prize laureate John Hume, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, Ulster Unionist leader Sir Reg Empey, loyalist Davy Adams and Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy for a symposium organised by the US Ireland Alliance. Former American President Bill Clinton has pulled out due to other commitments.

Brown's malaria pledge to American Idol
Britain has purchased 20 million bed nets to protect against malaria in Africa, Gordon Brown has said. The prime minister made the announcement during a surprising appearance on the US-based American Idol. A pre-recorded message from the prime minister, who is a noted fan of talent competitions, was screened during an American Idol charity special. Mr Brown said: "All year on Idol, it's the talent of the American people we admire. But tonight, it's your generosity." He said the nets would help ensure "all families could sleep safe at night". The prime minister has urged other countries to follow Britain lead and purchase the £5 nets.

Remote island of Sark steps closer to democracy
The tiny island of Sark, which lies between England and France, has moved another step close to full democracy after planned constitutional reforms received royal assent. The Ministry of Justice in London confirmed that royal assent had been granted Wednesday to reform laws which have already been approved by Sark's parliament, the chief pleas. That body -- which dates back to the 16th century and consists of 40 unelected local landholders plus 12 elected deputies -- is set to be overhauled in favour of a 28-member, democratically elected chamber.

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