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USA UK and Malta News
21/02/2008 - 20:10

UK today Editoweb, 21 feb. 2008

Bank nationalisation bill hits roadblock in parliament - 'Ipswich Killer Should Face Death Penalty' - PM reacts to 'rendition' revelations - British PM Brown proposes EU carbon bank - Britain denies wrongdoing over lawmaker bugging.

Bank nationalisation bill hits roadblock in parliament
Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government suffered fresh embarrassment over Northern Rock Thursday when the second parliamentary chamber voted down a bill temporarily to nationalise the troubled bank.
Although the move by the unelected House of Lords does not mean the end for the plan, it does mean that ministers now face a struggle to get the bill passed by Friday, as was the original intention.

'Ipswich Killer Should Face Death Penalty'
Relatives of five prostitutes murdered by forklift truck driver Steve Wright have called for the return of the death penalty. In an emotional statement, they said justice had not been done.
"These crimes deserve the ultimate punishment and that can only mean one thing," the brother-in-law of victim Paula Clennell said. Craig Bradshaw added: "We're afraid that where five young lives have been cruelly ended the person responsible will be kept warm, nourished and protected. "In no way has justice been done."

PM reacts to 'rendition' revelations
The Prime Minister has expressed "disappointment" after revelations that US "rendition" flights had twice landed on British soil. Gordon Brown said he was determined to put safeguards in place so that similar incidents could not happen in future.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband said in a Commons statement that on two occasions in 2002, US flights carrying terrorist suspects stopped to refuel at the airbase on the British Indian Ocean territory of Diego Garcia.

British PM Brown proposes EU carbon bank
Prime Minister Gordon Brown proposed on Thursday that an independent EU carbon bank should be set up to hand out pollution quotas at the heart of Europe's emissions trading market. "We favour the creation of an independent European carbon market bank to set caps on carbon permits and establish how the carbon market should operate in the future" he told journalists in Brussels.
Under the European Union's emissions trading scheme, big industrial polluters can buy permits to help them meet emissions limits or sell them when they are below their quota.

Britain denies wrongdoing over lawmaker bugging
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said Thursday that the bugging of a lawmaker as he twice visited a friend in prison suspected of terror offences broke no laws or codes of practice. However she announced a review of the codes which regulate conversations between lawmakers and their constituents with a view to putting them on the same confidential footing as talks between lawyers and their clients in terms of surveillance.

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