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03/02/2008 - 22:22

USA today Editoweb, 03 feb. 2008

Obama Says He Can Win Votes That Clinton Cannot - Huckabee could impact Tuesday's results - Film recreates Guantanamo tribunal - Carnival float driver runs over brother - More data on housing, spending this week.

Obama Says He Can Win Votes That Clinton Cannot
Presidential candidate Barack Obama said he can win votes in the November general election that Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent, can't get.
``We can attract independents and Republicans in a way that Senator Clinton cannot,'' Obama, 46, of Illinois, said on ``Face the Nation'' on CBS. Republicans view Clinton as a ``polarizing figure,'' he said.

Huckabee could impact Tuesday's results
Mike Huckabee hasn't won a Republican presidential contest in a month. The result: money is tighter, his staff is smaller and he can't seem to get the attention he once did. Still, he says he's sticking around for the long haul — well past Tuesday's coast-to-coast primaries and caucuses if need be. "I'll stay in until someone has 1,191 delegates," the former Arkansas governor insisted Sunday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from Kennessaw, Ga.

Film recreates Guantanamo tribunal
Sig Libowitz played a lawyer on TV before he became one in real life. Now, he's bringing his entertainment industry expertise to the debate over the rights of suspected enemy combatants. Working from transcripts of the U.S. military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay, Libowitz crafted a 30-minute screenplay. "The Response" imagines one such tribunal, then follows three military judges into the deliberation room, where they try to answer the key question about Guantanamo: How do you balance civil liberties and national security?

Carnival float driver runs over brother
A driver towing a float in a Carnival parade ran over his 16-year-old brother, killing him, state police said. Clay Michael Sayer was standing between Kain N. Sayer's pickup truck and the float behind it, talking to riders on the float during a brief stop around 5 p.m. Saturday, Trooper Scott Moreau said. The teen was pinned by the float when the truck started moving again, Moreau said. Kain Sayer, 21, was booked with vehicular homicide, drunken driving and careless driving, state police said.

More data on housing, spending this week
The stock market has been on the upswing, but few investors are relaxing just yet. This week's data on housing, retailers and labor costs will give Wall Street an idea of whether the economy is weakening or inflation is accelerating — or both.
Wall Street had a case of the winter blues in January, and understandably. With banks reporting huge losses, uncertainty brewing about whether the economy is in recession, and Americans struggling to keep up with their debt payments, there was nowhere to go but down.

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