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08/02/2008 - 23:17

USA today Editoweb, 08 Feb. 2008

Reports: Yahoo board mulls Microsoft bid - Nebraska court rules electric chair unconstitutional - Pillars of McCain's next campaign - Bill Clinton says he's learned a lesson - AP Poll: Leaving Iraq will help economy.

Reports: Yahoo board mulls Microsoft bid
Yahoo Inc.'s board reportedly called a special meeting Friday to discuss the slumping Internet pioneer's first response to Microsoft Corp.'s week-old takeover bid, setting the stage for a quick resolution or months of acrimonious wrangling.
After fruitlessly searching for other suitors, Yahoo's options appear to have boiled down to a tough choice.
In the most likely outcome foreseen by industry analysts, Yahoo will either begin negotiating the final terms of an amicable sale to Microsoft or undergo a painful reorganization that would include relinquishing control of its search engine and a big piece of its advertising to rival Google Inc.

Nebraska court rules electric chair unconstitutional
The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled Friday that the electric chair, the only method used for executions in the state, violated human dignity and was therefore unconstitutional.
Confirming the death penalty imposed on Raymond Mata in 2000 for the murder of a three-year-old boy, the court said however that he should not be electrocuted.
"Electrocution's proven history of burning and charring bodies is inconsistent with both the concepts of evolving standards of decency and the dignity of man," the court said in its unanimous decision.

Pillars of McCain's next campaign
Republican John McCain plans to run a general election campaign as steadfast protector of the United States in the face of terrorism as well as a crusader against big government. The Democrats, he says, offer neither.
"They would govern this country in a way that will, in my opinion, take this country backward," the likely GOP nominee said this week in a speech to conservative activists that served as his opening argument for a fall showdown with either Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton says he's learned a lesson
Former President Clinton says he's learned a lesson from the dustup over his remarks on the campaign trail — he can promote his wife's presidential candidacy, but he's not free to defend her.
Bill Clinton also said that everything he said in South Carolina about Illinois Sen. Barack Obama was "factually accurate," but a lot that has been said about what he said is "factually inaccurate."
"I think the mistake that I made is to think that I was a spouse like any other spouse who could defend his candidate," Clinton said, referring to his wife, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is waging a hard-fought contest with Obama for the Democratic nomination.

AP Poll: Leaving Iraq will help economy
The heck with Congress' big stimulus bill. The way to get the country out of recession — and most people think we're in one — is to get the country out of Iraq, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll.
Pulling out of the war ranked first among proposed remedies in the survey, followed by spending more on domestic programs, cutting taxes and, at the bottom end, giving rebates to poor people in hopes they'll spend the economy into recovery.

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