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08/04/2008 - 23:27

USA today Editoweb, 08 april 2008

Security high for torch's US arrival - Could Condi sit at the right hand of McCain? - Obama ad: The women in his life - Washington Mutual raising $7 billion - Expert backs Ohio's method of execution.

Security high for torch's US arrival
The Olympic torch arrived for its only North American stop amid heavy security Tuesday, a day after its visit to Paris descended into chaos and activists here scaled the Golden Gate Bridge to protest China's human rights record. Meanwhile, International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said the body's executive board would discuss Friday whether to end the international leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay because of widespread protests.

Could Condi sit at the right hand of McCain?
Armed with an imposing resume and an inspiring personal story, Condoleezza Rice strikes many as the perfect vice presidential candidate. Rice recently appeared at the weekly meeting of Americans for Tax Reform (nee Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy), headed by Grover Norquist and other leading conservative activists. Some strategists suggested this signaled Rice's desire to join John McCain on the Republican ticket.

Obama ad: The women in his life
Obama the family man. The ad provides a personal touch to Obama's image, continuing an ad mix in Pennsylvania that balances policy and biography. This is the first ad to feature some of the women in his life — a bit of obvious outreach to women voters who form a core support group for Hillary Rodham Clinton, his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. The ad also illustrates Obama's diverse family tree. Soetoro-Ng's father was Indonesian, their grandmother is white and Obama's wife is black. (Analysis by Associated Press writer Jim Kuhnhenn)

Washington Mutual raising $7 billion
Washington Mutual Inc., hit hard by rising delinquencies and defaults on mortgages, said Tuesday it will receive $7 billion in new capital from an investment group led by private equity firm TPG but will post a wider-than-expected loss for the first quarter. The Seattle-based thrift said it will lose $1.1 billion during the first quarter and take a provision for loan losses of $3.5 billion — $1.5 billion more than previously expected. Wall Street had forecast a loss of $344.3 million, according to Thomson Financial survey of analysts.

Expert backs Ohio's method of execution
Ohio's process of execution is not inhumane, and includes enough anesthetic to knock out an average inmate for two hours, an expert testified Tuesday. Dr. Mark Dershwitz was the second anesthesiologist to testify in a hearing concerning the constitutionality of the state's lethal injection procedure. Dershwitz's testimony Tuesday, by video hookup, came a day after another witness, Dr. Mark Heath, described Ohio's execution method as unfit for even euthanizing dogs and cats. Heath was hired by the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, the group challenging the state's methods.

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