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15/03/2008 - 22:40

USA today Editoweb, 15 march 2008

Man in month-old Vegas ricin case wakes - Obama decries racial rhetoric - Avoid overcorrecting economy, Bush warns - Clinton backs Michigan revote plan - More rate cuts from Fed expected Tuesday.

Man in month-old Vegas ricin case wakes
A man who may have been exposed to toxic ricin in his motel room a month ago has regained consciousness and was being questioned by investigators, authorities said Friday. Roger Bergendorff, 57, remained in critical condition in a hospital, where he has been hospitalized and unable to speak since Feb. 14.

Obama decries racial rhetoric
Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday decried "the forces of division" over race that he said are intruding into the Democratic presidential nomination contest. "We have to come together," he told a town-hall meeting at a high school. He cited videos of inflammatory sermons given by his pastor that are now being used as political ammunition against him — remarks that Obama has denounced.

Avoid overcorrecting economy, Bush warns
President Bush on Saturday said the government must guard against going too far in trying to fix the troubled economy, cautioning that "one of the worst things you can do is overcorrect." Democrats said Bush was relying on inaction to solve the problem. Bush, in his weekly radio address, said the recently passed program of tax rebates for families and businesses should begin to lift the economy in the second quarter of the year and have an even stronger impact in the third quarter. But he urged caution about doing more, particularly about the crisis in the housing market where prices are tumbling and home foreclosures have soared to an all-time high.

Clinton backs Michigan revote plan
Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton Saturday said she supported an effort by Michigan Democrats to hold a new primary in June. "It needs to get resolved and hopefully Michigan by the end of this week will have done that," Clinton told reporters on her campaign plane between stops in Pennsylvania. "I think they are moving in an appropriate direction to have a revote." Under a plan being finalized by several Democratic members of Congress and other party leaders in Michigan, the state would hold a new primary in early June — most likely on June 3 — that would allow its delegates to be seated at the party's national convention this summer in Denver.

More rate cuts from Fed expected Tuesday
Desperate to aid an economy in crisis, the Federal Reserve is ready to deliver yet another big interest rate cut. How big? One-half of a percentage point, some economists say. Investors and others hope for even more, a three-quarters cut or perhaps a full point, given the turmoil on Wall Street. It will be a close call, Fed watchers say. The speculation ends Tuesday afternoon after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and central bank policymakers have met.

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