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19/02/2008 - 21:59

USA today Editoweb, 19 feb. 2008

Obama, Clinton face off in Wis., Hawaii - Clinton strives to stem Obama's surge - Castro's departure is a letdown in Miami - Atlantis aims for Wednesday landing - Bush seeks help against African violence.

Obama, Clinton face off in Wis., Hawaii
Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton squared off in a scrappy Wisconsin primary and in laid back Hawaii caucuses on Tuesday, their struggle for the Democratic presidential nomination veering toward the negative. Wisconsin offered 74 national convention delegates, and an early test of support in industrial states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.
There were 20 delegates at stake in Hawaii, where neither Clinton nor Obama campaigned in person.

Clinton strives to stem Obama's surge
Democrat Hillary Clinton fought Tuesday to stem rival Barack Obama's stunning surge as Wisconsin became the latest battleground to vote in their bitter White House contest. On the Republican side, John McCain was hoping to consolidate his front-runner status and woo wary conservatives after capturing the endorsement of former president George H. W. Bush. Wisconsin was holding primaries for both parties. Hawaii was convening Democratic caucuses later Tuesday, while Washington state was electing 19 Republican delegates.

Castro's departure is a letdown in Miami
It was the cherished dream Cuban exiles carried in their hearts for decades: Fidel Castro would die in power, freedom would return to their homeland, and there would be dancing in the streets of Miami. But when the dictator's departure from office finally came to pass Tuesday, it wasn't the way the exiles imagined it at all. Reality was far less exciting. In Miami's Little Havana and the heavily Cuban suburb of Hialeah, there was little celebration — and little hope that democracy is at hand in Cuba — after the ailing, 81-year-old president resigned as part of a measured withdrawal from power that began a year and a half ago.

Atlantis aims for Wednesday landing
After nearly two weeks in orbit, Atlantis and its crew aimed for a Wednesday landing on either coast to clear the way for the military to shoot down a dying spy satellite. Flight director Bryan Lunney said Tuesday that NASA was under no pressure from the Defense Department to hurry up the touchdown. He stressed that Mission Control would abide by the usual weather rules and keep the shuttle aloft until Thursday if conditions took an unexpected turn for the worse.

Bush seeks help against African violence
KIGALI, Rwanda - On ground haunted by one of the worst atrocities of modern times, President Bush pleaded with the global community Tuesday for decisive action to stop grisly violence in African nations like Kenya and Sudan.
"There is evil in the world and evil must be confronted," said Bush, shaken by his visit to a museum that tells the story of Rwanda's 1994 genocide in which more than 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in just 100 days by extremist Hutu militias.

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