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USA UK and Malta News
27/02/2008 - 21:30

USA today Editoweb, 27 feb. 2008

Clinton looks ahead to Tuesday's races - Most Improved Debater - McCain retools immigration stance - USDA sued over 'downer' cow rules - Racing in the streets seems unstoppable.

Clinton looks ahead to Tuesday's races
Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said she is optimistic about Tuesday's upcoming primaries and isn't thinking about dropping her presidential bid after their results. "I don't think about it like that," she told reporters aboard her campaign plane between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. "I'm doing everything I can to win. That's what I intend to do." "I feel good about these upcoming states," she added.
Rival Barack Obama has won 11 straight primaries and has been increasingly gathering delegates. Delegate-rich Texas and Ohio are among four states holding primaries Tuesday. Rhode Island and Vermont also have contests.

Most Improved Debater
In the first Democratic primary debate 10 months ago, Hillary Clinton didn't have to charge that Barack Obama wasn't ready to be president on Day One. He did the work for her. He was halting, mumbling, and tentative. The only confidence he instilled was in Clinton. Nineteen debates later, he's improved so much that if he's not ready to be president on Day One, you could imagine he might get there after a little study. At what may be the last debate of the Democratic primary, Obama was commanding, at ease, and magnanimous. Clinton needed him to stumble, and he didn't. He won the night.

McCain retools immigration stance
John McCain faces a dilemma on immigration as he works to persuade conservatives he's tough enough on the issue without erasing his historic appeal to Hispanic voters. Once a crusader for offering the nation's roughly 12 million undocumented immigrants a way to get legal status, McCain now says his first priority is fortifying U.S. borders.
The metamorphosis reflects McCain's intensifying effort to consolidate his support among conservatives, who deride the Arizona senator's past proposals on immigration as offering amnesty to lawbreakers, and bitterly resent his work with Democrats, including Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, on the issue.

USDA sued over 'downer' cow rules
The Humane Society of the United States sued the government Wednesday over what it says is a legal loophole that allows so-called "downer" cows to get into the food supply. A U.S. Department of Agriculture rule change made in July allows some sick or crippled cows into the food supply, the society alleges in lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.
In 2004, the USDA tightened regulations to prohibit the slaughter of all "downer" cows — animals that cannot stand — after a case of mad cow disease was discovered in Washington state. The lawsuit alleges that under last year's change, cows that fell down after an initial veterinarian inspection but appeared otherwise healthy could be slaughtered.

Racing in the streets seems unstoppable
In a matter of seconds, a lonely stretch of rural road in the middle of the night can become a raceway. Drivers in souped-up Hondas and Ford Mustangs line up side by side, kicking up clouds of acrid smoke as they spin their wheels to warm the tires. Street-racing fans, sometimes several hundred, crowd the shoulder, summoned by quick cell phone calls. Wheels squealing and engines roaring, the racers tear off in sprints that can reach 120 mph.
Then, as quickly as it formed, the race dissolves, fans and drivers slipping away into the night before the police arrive.

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