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18/07/2012 - 22:38

Malta news: Cachia Caruana is clear

Malta news: Cachia Caruana is clear - PN executive unanimously clears Cachia Caruana - Labour would ‘let businesses work’ - De Marco family hits out at PL and its media over 'obscene and irresponsible' claims One News replies.

Malta news: Cachia Caruana is clear
PN executive unanimously clears Cachia Caruana
After a five-hour meeting, which finished around 10pm, the PN?executive committee unanimously cleared former EU ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana of any wrongdoing, thus not upholding the expulsion request made by PN backbencher Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando. On the contrary, following a motion tabled by Francis Zammit Dimech, the executive committee unanimously expressed its solidarity by show of hands with Mr Cachia Caruana. Moreover, the committee felt that Mr Cachia Caruana did not need to testify as no shred of evidence was brought against him. The charges against Mr Cachia Caruana included that of colluding with prominent members of the Labour administration between 1996 and 1998 in an attempt to further his personal interests whilst putting his colleagues in the Nationalist administration led by Dr Eddie Fenech Adami between 1987 and 1996 in a bad light. He also claimed that Mr Cachia Caruana colluded with high-ranking officials representing foreign states in a clear attempt at bypassing the PN parliamentary group and parliament. The third charge was that he fomented the unrest which had led to the difficulties being faced by Dr Gonzi, both within the party and in Parliament. Addressing a press conference immediately after the meeting Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said that the outcome of the meeting proved the democratic credentials of the PN. At the same time he lashed out at the PL accusing it of trying to attack the integrity of Mr Cachia Caruana by a series of allegations even though none of its MPs had the decency to substantiate them in person. He said that the refusal of Labour MPs Joe Mizzi and Karmenu Vella to give evidence in person was typical of Labour which hides itself after trying to tarnish one’s reputation.(independent.com.mt) If it is a unanimous result, Caruana must necessarily be innocent.

Labour would ‘let businesses work’
A Labour government would ensure that businesses would be allowed to develop unhindered, believing this to be key to economic growth, leader Joseph Muscat argued yesterday. In a dialogue session yesterday evening, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry members sought guarantees that the Labour Party, if elected to government, would help the business sector to thrive. In turn, Dr Muscat sought to assure them that this would be so. Much of the session was devoted to a question-and-answer session, one which was, however, held behind closed doors. Members of the press were nevertheless invited to listen to the opening remarks by Dr Muscat and by Malta Chamber president Tancred Tabone. In his speech, Mr Tabone repeatedly stressed the MCCEI’s non-involvement in partisan politics, starting by stating that it was proud not to get itself involved in political matters. However, he added, it still needed to provide objective feedback to political parties. He said that the session had two main aims. Apart from giving Chamber members the opportunity to ask questions to Dr Muscat, the Chamber also sought an explanation of how the Labour leader would, if elected prime minister, help businesses grow and ensure that the transition between governments was as smooth as possible. Mr Tabone noted that in an interview published on the MCCEI’s magazine, The Commercial Courier, Dr Muscat pointed out that the economy was going relatively well, and welcomed the Labour leader’s assertion that the effort of the private sector was crucial “because it was a fact.” He said that entrepreneurs have been working hard since a recession struck in 2009, and have had further crises – instability in Libya and in the Eurozone – to deal with.(independent.com.mt) Let work companies must be a government priority.

De Marco family hits out at PL and its media over 'obscene and irresponsible' claims One News replies
The family of late President Emeritus Guido de Marco said in a statement today that they strongly deplored the "obscene and irresponsible" way how the Labour Party through One News and Maltastar had tried to implicate Prof de Marco in the attempted murder of Richard Cachia Caruana. Mrs Violet de Marco and her children Giannella, Fiorella and Mario noted that Mr Cachia Caruana himself had categorically denied the allegations made by One News and Maltastar about Prof de Marco.  As Mr Cachia Caruana had himself declared: "it is shocking and inconceivable for anyone to suggest that I could have ever believed that Nationalist ministers were involved and that I had continued to work with them."  The family said the actions of the Labour Party were slanderous to their collective memory and showed that the Labour Party did not even respect the memory of a person who was deceased.  The family reserved the right to take legal action, including criminal libel, against the leaders of the Labour Party, One News and Maltastar for this obscene and shameful attempt to slander the memory of Prof Guido de Marco for their partisan political purposes. ONE NEWS STATEMENT. In a reply, One News said they understood that, for political reasons, the de Marco family could not attack Mr Cachia Caruana. It said that the recording of what Mr Cachia Caruana said about the late Prof. de Marco and his children was broadcast in full and nothing that had been said was denied.(timesofmalta.com) The Caruana case is closed , why continue to talk about aside for nourishment of the people?

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