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02/05/2012 - 22:23

Malta news: Class interests come

Malta news: Class interests come - May Day: Rights for all workers a must – PM - ‘Class interests come before tribal politics’ - Man found guilty of defiling underage girlfriend, now his wife.

Malta news: Class interests come
May Day: Rights for all workers a must – PM
Marking Workers’ Day with a political activity, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi yesterday said that workers’ rights must be respected and safeguarded, and that the government’s focus must be on the issue of ‘precarious employment’. Dr Gonzi was speaking at a dialogue meeting on the subject: ‘Xogħol għalik u għal uliedek’ (Employment for you and your children) in Senglea. Dr Gonzi said: “Those who have a job, but are being abused, are a priority to the government,” he said. “Rights are a must and abuse is being addressed.” He acknowledged that there were people asking prospective employees to register themselves as self-employed and pay their own taxes, while the employer pays them an amount he or she chooses per hour, for their work. On 31 January, a legal notice to protect workers’ rights and address abuse was published. This regulation makes it clear that if an employee satisfies five out of the eight listed parameters, he has a right to sick leave, leave, bonus and all other rights employees have, said Dr Gonzi. Another loophole, which employers are taking advantage of is by registering people working for one company under various companies owned by the same employer. Although they would actually put in a 40-hour week, or more, they would be registered as part-timers under a number of companies and so would only be allowed to take leave pro-rate.(independent.com.mt) The work is a right, however, when you work you get tired too quickly.

‘Class interests come before tribal politics’
In a press conference near the Workers’ Memorial monument in Msida, Alternattiva Demokratika said that workers’ class interests should come before partisan tribal politics which is often resulting in lack of trade union alliances. Angele Deguara, AD spokesperson for social development, said: “On the occasion of Workers’ Day we should remember all workers but more importantly we should think of those who are most vulnerable such as those who work in precarious conditions and those who take home just a few hundred euros after a months’ work because the criteria which establish the minimum wage have not been revised since the 1970s.” She said another problem characterising our labour market is the high rate of inactivity especially among certain groups such as mothers of small children, people with disability, older people and ex-convicts. “While we appreciate the initiatives that have been taken, we would like to see more concrete measures to address this perennial problem.” Michael Briguglio, AD chairperson and spokesperson for economy and finance said: “Class differences are growing in a context of economic crisis and austerity measures. An updated methodology should replace the current one on which Cola is based so as to truly reflect rise in inflation. AD has also been calling for an increase in the minimum wage and for a revision in the way it is calculated.” “As regards precarious employment, AD is pleased to see that legislation has been introduced to help avoid having workers being forced to declare their situation as self-employed. Yet, there are various other aspects of precarious employment such as job insecurity and low wages. Government should set the example by banning public service contracts based on unacceptable conditions.(independent.com.mt) The work is an complex and interesting thing.

Man found guilty of defiling underage girlfriend, now his wife
A man who began a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl in 2008, when he was 20, was today given a suspended jail term after being found guilty of defiling the minor, whom he married years later. The couple, who are now married and have a two-year-old daughter, had their first encounter on the rocky beach in Qui Si Sana and later ones on the beach in Balluta and in a friend's flat in Ġzira. At one point they broke up and the girl began dating someone else. However, they were soon back together and started meeting daily and having regular sex. The girl's parents did not approve of the relationship because of the man's reputation as a "bad boy" and a "bully". Former Magistrate, now Judge, Jacqueline Padovani said the girl was still a virgin when the two embarked on their sexual relationship and this had caused the defilement of the girl which was evident from the way she testified. The girl said that after she lost her virginity she felt confused, scared and very worried. The judge said that she had found him guilty of defiling a minor and jailed him for two years suspended for four.(timesofmalta.com) Why do such acts?

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