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17/01/2012 - 23:01

Malta news: Commissioner Dalli

Malta news: Commissioner Dalli -John Dalli denies involvement in political crisis - Commissioner Dalli seeks mentality change on health and consumer issues - Crucified cat found at Mosta - BOV up 0.4% on rising volumes.

Malta news: Commissioner Dalli
John Dalli denies involvement in political crisis
European Commissioner John Dalli yesterday denied having any involvement in the local political crisis, insisting that absolute lies are being spread about him to taint his reputation. The Health and Consumer Affairs Commissioner, a former finance and, later foreign minister of Malta, was yesterday morning hosting a news conference which served to outline the work of his office over the past year. But the first question by the media, unsurprisingly, focused on the Malta situation, where government MP Franco Debono has said he is no longer supporting his one-seat majority government. The head of the European Commission’s Malta office, Martin Bugelli, interjected that local affairs were not to be discussed in the news conference, and Mr Dalli himself subsequently maintained that his comments would be superfluous at this stage. But Mr Dalli – who had lost to now-Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi in a bid to succeed Eddie Fenech Adami as party leader in 2004 – subsequently stressed that he was not personally involved in any capacity in the situation, despite “many rumours” suggesting otherwise. Without mentioning anyone specific, he said that these rumours were absolute lies.(independent.com.mt)

Commissioner Dalli seeks mentality change on health and consumer issues
The European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, is seeking a change of mentality in the way states address both issues, he said yesterday. At a news conference outlining his office’s efforts during 2011, Mr Dalli said that on the issue of health, the focus should be on wellness: Ensuring people remain healthy rather than simply treating those who are unwell, even though efforts to improve the treatment of illnesses continue to remain important. The commissioner noted that people must be made aware that choosing a healthy lifestyle is in their interest. It was also in their country’s interest, he added: Current trends, including an ageing population, are causing health costs to soar, but keeping people healthy and away from hospitals as much as possible would ensure that healthcare is sustainable. As for consumer policy, Mr Dalli said that the focus should be on empowering consumers, rather than simply protecting them. Consumers, he explained, should be empowered by being given sufficient information, by teaching them how to interpret it, and by enabling them to seek action should the need arise. The two sectors Mr Dalli was made responsible for both directly concern people’s welfare, leading him to describe his portfolio as the “people’s portfolio”.(independent.com.mt)

Crucified cat found at Mosta
The police have found a dead cat crucified upside down on the gate of a chapel at Triq San Anton Abbati in Mosta. The gruesome discovery was made at about 3.45 a.m. by a police patrol. It is the third such discovery in Mosta. On November 16, a crucified dog was found upside down on the gate of the Oratory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Exactly a month previously, a puppy was found in the same condition nailed to the door of a house where a murder took place many years ago.(timesofmalta.com)

BOV up 0.4% on rising volumes
Bank of Valletta plc's share price advanced by 0.4% today to regain the €2.27 level on increased activity totalling 32,312 shares helping the equity partly recover from yesterday's 1.3% decline. The upturn in BOV shares today helped the MSE Share Index close in positive territory with a slight gain to 3,094.311 points. The only other active equity was GO plc which closed unchanged at the 90c level on low volumes of 3,200 shares. Last week, the shareholders of Forthnet SA, in which GO has an indirect investment, rejected all the resolutions presented to them during the extraordinary general meeting including a €30 million rights issue in line with the conditions of the restructured debt. Prior to the meeting, GO also announced that it was opposing these resolutions. This morning, MaltaPost plc held its annual general meeting during which shareholders approved all the items on the agenda including the final net dividend of 4c per share and the option to take the dividend either in cash or in new shares at the attribution price of 98c per share. The cash dividend or allotment of new shares will take place on January 30.(timesofmalta.com)

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