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14/05/2012 - 22:56

Malta news: Ethics in politic

Malta news: Ethics in politic - ‘PL government will give people what they deserve’ - Ethics in political life is fundamental – PM - 118 'old service' low floor buses bought by Arriva.

Malta news: Ethics in politic
‘PL government will give people what they deserve’
The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) report confirms that the high utility tariffs are the result of inefficiencies in electricity generation and distribution, and this continues to strengthen the Labour Party’s will to reduce the utility tariffs in a responsible and sustainable manner should it be elected to government, said Labour leader Joseph Muscat yesterday. Addressing a political activity in Naxxar, Dr Muscat said the Labour government’s priorities would be different to the current government’s. Families would be put first and businesses would be able to rest assured that cliques will not dominate the scene. The people will get what they deserve, and they deserve the best, he said. Talking about the IMF report, Dr Muscat said the government was constrained to reduce its economic growth forecast from 2.3% to 1.5%. And while GonziPN said the rate of unemployment would go down, the IMF and the EU are saying otherwise, said the Labour leader, adding that both expect the rate of investment to decrease by 11%, and the national debt to increase to 75%. Dr Muscat also spoke about employment, saying that the Labour movement promises to deal with this matter seriously. He claimed that people who want to get training have found closed doors. A number of much needed learning support assistants would like the University of Malta to open its doors further by offering them training. On precarious work, the Leader of the Opposition referred to an article by John Bencini, the president of Forum Unions Maltin, who said that precarious work exists among lecturers at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology.(independent.com.mt) The IMF has not always right.

Ethics in political life is fundamental – PM
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi appealed against personal attacks yesterday, saying that ethics in political life is fundamental. Personal attacks on certain people and their families can be very damaging and have to stop, he said. Dr Gonzi was addressing a political activity at the Safi Aviation Park, which was officially opened on Thursday evening. The government invested €17 million in the park, and Aviation Cosmetics announced a €22 million investment to build another two hangars in the park. Work on the aviation park, which spans over 20 hectares of land, started early last year, and two companies – SR Technics and Medavia have already been operating there for some time. Answering questions put by Joe Farrugia, director-general of the Malta Employers Association and president of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), Dr Gonzi referred to the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) report and the EU Spring Forecast, saying that the past week was a very good one for Malta. The ‘European Economic Forecast’ report, which was issued on Friday, states: “At 2.1% real GDP, growth in Malta remained relatively robust in 2011, outperforming the average for the euro area (1.5%). Growth was driven mainly by net exports and household consumption. The sharp contraction in investment also reflected a base effect from some relatively substantial one-off projects in 2010.(independent.com.mt) No leaders can not afford such things.

118 'old service' low floor buses bought by Arriva
118 low floor buses which formed part of the old bus service have been bought by Arriva. Those which are being used on the routes have been or are in the process of being retrofitted according to current requirements while the rest are being used for training, Transport Minister Austin Gatt said in reply to a parliamentary question. He explained that there had been 508 buses in the old bus service. One low floor bus was retained by Transport Malta for training, one was scrapped, two were retained by their original owners, eight were bought by government entities and one was transferred to the Malta Red Cross. Of the remaining old buses, three were kept by their owners for use as vintage buses, 73 were kept by their owners for private use, 127 were transferred to Heritage Malta.(timesofmalta.com) It is good that the government is interested in the population.

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