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USA UK and Malta News
08/05/2012 - 23:50

Malta news: Excellent survival rate

Malta news: Excellent survival rate - Austerity rejected at the polls - Air Malta to move to SkyParks by end of summer - Melanoma: Excellent survival rate if caught early.

Malta news: Excellent survival rate
Melanoma: Excellent survival rate if caught early
Dermatologists who addressed a press conference to mark Euromelanoma Day at Boffa Hospital yesterday stressed that the surgical removal of a melanoma caught at an early stage (thin melanoma) leads to an excellent survival rate in the region of 90 to 95%. However, the chances of survival once a melanoma has spread beyond the skin are dismal. Michael J. Boffa, consultant at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology and vice-president at the Malta Association of Dermatology and Venereology, said that despite an increase in awareness on melanoma – which causes the majority of deaths related to skin cancer – and more cases being diagnosed at an early stage, there are still a number of people who are diagnosed too late. “There is still a strong element of fear, but it is important to look out for irregular skin spots or moles and check them out right away if they look suspicious. All it involves to remove a melanoma is local anaesthetic and a small intervention. The results are much better when melanomas are removed at an early stage.” Melanoma claimed 98 deaths during the period 1993 and 2010, representing an overall mortality rate of 18%, meaning that about one in six people with melanoma in the Maltese Islands are being diagnosed too late. Staff at the Melanoma Skin Cancer Screening Clinic at Boffa Hospital dedicated Euromelanoma Day yesterday to anyone who wanted to have any suspicious, irregular skin spots or moles checked out. Lawrence Scerri, chairman of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, and vice-president at the Malta Association of Dermatology and Venereology, explained that anyone who needs to make an appointment for screening needs to present a referral from a general practitioner. The screening clinic can be reached on 2298-7105 or 2298-7153.(independent.com.mt) Surgery is a very picky and modern.

Austerity rejected at the polls
Pro-austerity incumbents have taken a beating in both France and Greece in last Sunday’s elections, reflecting growing disenchantment over austerity measures intended to address financial troubles in the EU Opponents of the EU’s austerity drive have been boosted at the polls in France and Greece last Sunday, leading to the election of a leftist president in the former and to an uncertain political situation in the latter. In France, Socialist Party (PS) candidate François Hollande, who pledged “to finish with austerity,” obtained just under 52% of votes in a presidential run-off election against outgoing president Nicolas Sarkozy. In Greece, the two parties heading an interim coalition formed to implement austerity measures saw their vote shares plummet at the expense of anti-austerity parties, including one commonly described as neo-Nazi. The two results are in line with a trend which has seen leaders of crisis-hit European countries booted out in practically every election since 2009. But their impact on economic affairs within the EU could be enormous, as they might reverse the drive towards austerity promoted by Mr Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr Hollande has declared that he will seek to renegotiate the so-called Fiscal Compact signed by 25 EU members just two months ago, to allow for government-funded stimulus programmes to restart growth. Dr Merkel has drawn a line in the sand, however, deeming the treaty non-negotiable. On the eve of Sunday’s vote, EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn had noted that efforts to curtail debts had to be balanced with efforts to boost economic growth, echoing Mr Hollande’s own views and suggesting a possible shift in the European Commission’s position.(independent.com.mt) People are willing to sacrifice themselves, but do not overdo

Air Malta to move to SkyParks by end of summer
Air Malta said today that it will move its head office to SkyParks Business Centre at Malta International Airport by the end of summer. It will occupy the new offices for five years until a new head office is built. "The move forms part of the much wider Cultural Revolution process aimed at creating a new environment and company culture in which employees can work collaboratively and more efficiently to the best of their abilities," the airline said. “Air Malta’s restructuring is not only being tackled in terms of returning the airline back to profitability but, equally important, is to change its organisational culture. Cultural transformation is a vital part in an organisational restructuring process and the move to SkyParks will facilitate this change and assist the airline in its rebranding and re-positioning process”, said Peter Davies, the airline's CEO said. The current Air Malta Head office was built by the Royal Air Force as sleeping quarters and has been used as offices by the airline for over 33 years. Air Malta said the SkyParks Business Centre will offer its employees an open plan environment where they can work in a brand new corporate setting that enhances productivity, teamwork and improve organisational communication.(timesofmalta.com) If Air Malta is a benefit that is permissible.

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