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USA UK and Malta News
27/03/2012 - 20:34

Malta news: Mount Toubkal

Malta news: Mount Toubkal - Summit: Maltese mountaineers summit Mount Toubkal in Morocco - Caritas report on decent living to be discussed by MCESD - Curia: Agreement with Band Clubs Association stands.

Malta news: Mount Toubkal
Summit: Maltese mountaineers summit Mount Toubkal in Morocco
A Maltese team of climbers have returned home after successfully reaching the highest peak of the High Atlas, Mount Toubkal in Morocco. Towering at 4,167m (13,670 ft) Jbel Toubkal, as it is locally known, is also the highest peak in North Africa. The team consisted of five people – Josef N. Grech (expedition leader), Maria Vella Galea (deputy expedition leader) Mark Gladwish, Fabrizio Valente and David Gladwish – all ex-Kilimanjaro climbers. The journey to the summit of the mountain started on 16 March as the team set off from Imlil, the closest village to the mountain at a starting altitude of 1740m. After a six-hour trek, and entering the snow line, the team reached Nelter Refuge, at an altitude of 3702 m, and settled in for an overnight rest from the bitterly cold conditions outside, in preparation for the summit push. Due to an adverse weather forecast of snow and cloudy conditions within the next 24 hours, the team decided to start their ascent the following morning and take advantage of the window of clear weather to reach the summit.(independent.com.mt) It's a good thing that athletes do recognize Maltese abroad.

Caritas report on decent living to be discussed by MCESD
The government will be examining Caritas' report "A minimum budget for a decent living," in more detail and this will also be discussed within the Malta Council for Social and Economic Development, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said this evening. Speaking during the appointment ceremony of councillors elected on March 10, Dr Gonzi said that following the publication of the Caritas report, he invited the organisation to give ministers and parliamentary secretaries a presentation. During the discussion, a point was raised on the role councils could have to help the people make better choices. Councils could be instrumental for so that what was being taught at schools during home economics and personal and social development to be spread to the community, for the advice given by the Health Promotion Unit to reach more people, leading them to a better lifestyle. Caritas proposed initiatives on a local level for the choices, including financial ones, and lifestyles to be more adequate and sustainable.(timesofmalta.com) A kind of Intelligent SMIC.

Curia: Agreement with Band Clubs Association stands
The Curia said this afternoon that it considered its agreement with the Band Clubs Association as still valid. The Association said late yesterday that it was suspending the agreement pending fresh talks. The agreement was signed in December and was meant to come into force on Easter Sunday. The association did not give reasons other than to say that external festivities should be subject to permits and control only from the civil authorities. In its statement, the Curia said agreements were reached and signed in order to be respected by both sides. The agreement had been reached between two parties and therefore could only be substituted in agreement by the same parties. Until a new agreement was reached, the original agreement continued to stand. As to the statement that permits should be regulated only by the civil authorities,   the Curia said the agreement said nothing against this.(timesofmalta.com) It is evident that the local festivities are beings used.

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