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25/01/2012 - 21:30

Malta news: Nationalist or Labor

Malta news: not Franco Debono - PM visits Sixth Form - The issue is not Franco Debono - Franco Debono keeps the country guessing.

Malta news: Nationalist or Labor
PM visits Sixth Form
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and his wife Kate, together with Education Minister Dolores Cristina yesterday met students, teachers, learning support assistants and other members of staff at the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, a post-secondary institution that offers courses in a variety of subjects to more than 2,000 students. Clearly in election mode, Dr and Mrs Gonzi and Mrs Cristina were followed around the school by a sizeable group of students who burst into applause every so often. Ms Cristina told this newspaper that nowadays Higher Secondary is also a school of choice for those who have high enough grades to go to Junior College and other post-secondary educational institutions. And Dr Gonzi noted that while 43% of young people continued studying after leaving secondary school in 1999, that percentage is now up to 73%. “School serves as an instrument to continue developing one’s skills. Training does not stop at school,” said Dr Gonzi.(independent.com.mt)

The issue is not Franco Debono
Like other members of the Nationalist parliamentary group, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi criticised the Opposition yesterday for failing to explain why it presented the motion of no confidence in the government. Giving comments to journalists at the end of a visit to the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School in Naxxar, Dr Gonzi said: “The whole issue is the Opposition’s motion. While you ask about Franco Debono, I will ask about (Opposition Leader) Joseph Muscat. Can anyone tell me what Joseph Muscat’s policies are, why he presented the motion, what he is proposing for the country, and what future he is offering these students? “The issue at the moment is not (disgruntled Nationalist MP) Franco Debono,” he said, adding that his current concern is that of guaranteeing young people’s future.(independent.com.mt)

Franco Debono keeps the country guessing
Franco Debono tonight kept the country guessing on how he will vote tomorrow, but he reiterated in a speech in parliament his criticism of the government for failing to carry out institutional reform and for failing to hold its ministers to account. Dr Debono said at the opening of his speech during the no confidence debate that he loved his party and had been loyal to his leader. His speech was being made with a heavy heart. He said that while some MPs, such as Censu Galea, had condemned personal attacks made on blogs, the problem was that whoever was responsible had failed to take action to update the libel laws. It was not condemnations he wanted, but rights to take legal action. Dr Debono said it was right to speak about the economy, including jobs. But jobs were not everything. Justice and freedom were also important, hence the PN slogan Work, Justice and Freedom. Therefore, the implication that one should shut his mouth because the government was creating jobs did not make sense.(timesofmalta.com)

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