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09/02/2012 - 22:49

Malta news: PM optimistic

Malta news: PM optimistic - PM optimistic, as Muscat accuses Gonzi of playing for time - Road works unearth Turkish slaves' cemetery - Zeppi l-ħafi acquitted of assault charge.

Malta news: PM optimistic
PM optimistic, as Muscat accuses Gonzi of playing for time
The Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition yesterday locked horns in a debate. Dr Gonzi concentrated on the mantra of job creation while Dr Muscat said that the government is unstable and that the PM is simply playing for time. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi insisted yesterday that problems are there to be solved and, saying he preferred the word ‘challenges’, expressed optimism that a solution to the current political situation would be found. However, Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat insisted that there is no hiding from the fact that the government has a problem of instability, and he said Dr Gonzi’s solution is simply to buy time and cling to power. Dr Gonzi and Dr Muscat were taking part in a debate at the Intercontinental Hotel, which was organised by The Times. Herman Grech, deputy editor of The Sunday Times moderated the debate. The prime minister, who announced that a big Brazilian company that had heard about Malta during the Libya crisis will soon be relocating to Malta, said the government’s priority is to continue creating employment opportunities. Referring to the country’s achievements in a number of sectors such as tourism and education throughout yesterday’s debate, Dr Gonzi insisted that an early election is not in the national interest.(independent.com.mt) The elections are generally synonymous with economic instability, because all the actors in this scene are frozen pending the results.

Road works unearth Turkish slaves' cemetery
Experts from Heritage Malta and the Superintendence of National Heritage are examining old human remains unearthed during road works near Marsa Creek.The remains are believed to be those of Turkish slaves buried in a cemetery which, according to documents, existed in the area close to Spencer Hill at the time of the Knights. The remains were found during works on the new €7m road which will lead from Marsa to the Valletta Waterfront. The works in that part of the project have been suspended while the site is investigated. Some of the remains are being left in place while others are being removed for examination.(timesofmalta.com) He would still in the history of Malta, Shedding light on this matter.

Zeppi l-ħafi acquitted of assault charge
Joseph Fenech (Zeppi l-ħafi)was today acquitted of charges of having injured a man in a fight after the court decided that the complainant lacked credibility and conflicting evidence had been presented to the court. Fenech's  son-in-law, Norbert Falzon, who was also accused in connection with the incident, was conditionally discharged for a week, after it resulted that he had slapped the complainant. Fenech and Falzon had been accused of damaging a car and slightly injuring Paul Spiteri in a fight on October 14, 2010. During the proceedings witness Sylvester James, of Hamrun, looked uncomfortable as he took the witness stand, and even before being asked, said he knew nothing about the case. He spent 45 minutes in the court lock-up after the Magistrate decided that he was lying under oath. Later, he testified that on the day in question, Mr Spiteri and himself went to Mr Falzon's shop to have a car stereo repaired.(timesofmalta.com) Justice is always right in a state fair and well run. So we will make trust the government of Malta.

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