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25/06/2012 - 22:33

Malta news: PM warns

Malta news: PM warns - We could lose €500m if we’re not careful, PM warns - PN’s clique is shrinking – Muscat - Man accused of double attempted murder.

Malta news: PM warns
We could lose €500m if we’re not careful, PM warns
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi warned yesterday that if things aren’t done properly, Malta could lose half a billion euros in EU funds. Dr Gonzi was speaking during a political activity that took on a different format yesterday. Rather than replying to questions by an interviewer, the prime minister answered questions put by members of the public on the mychoice.pn website. The discussion was broadcast live on Net TV, Radio 101 as well as the website itself, and the public’s comments and questions (about 250 in all) were posted on the same site. Reacting to a question about the negotiations with the EU on the 2014–2020 financial package, Dr Gonzi referred to the parliamentary vote against EU ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana, saying the Opposition had damaged the work of someone who could have continued giving his contribution towards the country’s development. A few days ago the PN’s executive condemned Nationalist MPs Franco Debono, Jesmond Mugliett and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando over the way they voted in parliament on the motions against former Home Affairs Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici and Mr Cachia Caruana. Indicating that Dr Debono’s request for his condemnation to be declared null wouldn’t be accepted, the prime minister said that the party’s executive had spoken in a clear and unanimous voice with respect to the consequences that have to be shouldered in such situations. Dr Gonzi described the votes against Dr Mifsud Bonnici and Mr Cachia Caruana as a terrible experience, and insisted that those responsible had to face the consequences.(independent.com.mt) Manage a state can sometimes be expensive.
PN’s clique is shrinking – Muscat
Labour leader Joseph Muscat said yesterday that while Maltese and Gozitan families were thinking about the challenges they face, the prime minister was focused on his internal party problems. Today’s Nationalist Party is greatly influenced by GonziPN, he said, adding that Dr Gonzi wanted a clear vote in parliament, which he got by means of the vote on the motion that led to the resignation of EU ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana. Addressing a political activity in Marsascala, he said that the prime minister has lost control of his party and the country. GonziPN has nobody to appoint instead of Mr Cachia Caruana, because the party has a shrinking clique instead of a movement. At a time when the prime minister is clinging to power, the PL will remain close to Maltese and Gozitan families, and it will continue working to create a truly fair society, said Dr Muscat. A Labour government would be committed not to increase the retirement age again, he said, noting that the retirement age increased in 2006, and if GonziPN is re-elected, the retirement age will go up again, even though the government has been saying otherwise. The people will have a clear choice at the next general election, said Dr Muscat, saying that the PL has economic alternatives to increasing the retirement age to create a fair society. He said that a new Labour government would be ready to work with whoever loves this country.(independent.com.mt) While nobody can guarantee the succession crisis is iminente.
Man accused of double attempted murder
Ryan Stivala, 21 of Fgura was this evening accused in court of the attempted murder of his lover's husband and his four-year-old son as well as the attempted grievous bodily harm of another woman. The court was told that the accused and a woman, 28 had been having an affair for about a year. She had been trying to break off the relationship. Yesterday morning while the woman was out at Zejtun with her son, she got into an argument with the accused. He assaulted her,  broke her mobile phone and smashed her car's windscreen. In the afternoon he went to her apartment in Kalkara, smashed the front door using a gas cylinder and left. The accused then saw the woman, her husband and their son passing by and thought they were heading for the police station. He therefore drove wrong way at the man and his son in an attempt to run them over, but crashed into a car driven by another woman. No one was injured.(timesofmalta.com) Why will fair much trouble?

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