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26/03/2012 - 22:28

Malta news: Paceville murder

Malta news: Paceville murder - Paceville murder suspects under arrest - Band Clubs' Association suspends agreement with the Curia - Marine engineer speaks of 'offer' by Mimcol CEO during yachtyard privatisation.

Malta news: Paceville murder
Paceville murder suspects under arrest
The two men believed to have killed a Sudanese man in Paceville on 17 March have turned themselves in, the police confirmed. 27-year-old Osama al Shazliay Saleh suffered critical head injuries when he was knocked to the ground outside a nightclub. He was confirmed dead last Wednesday, after life support machines were switched off. The police issued CCTV images of the men suspected to have assaulted Mr Saleh – two Romanian men aged 26 and 27 – in an appeal for information. The pictures circulated heavily on social networks in the following days. One of the two men had actually fled to Romania hours after the incident, but is now in custody.(independent.com.mt) Malta is an island well known, for any murder cases.

Band Clubs' Association suspends agreement with the Curia
The Band Clubs' Association said this evening that it has suspended an agreement reached with the Curia last December. The agreement was meant to come into force on Easter Sunday. The Association did not give reasons for the decision, taken by its council on February 24 but announced today. It said meetings have been requested with the Archbishop and the Commissioner of Police. It said that the council remained of the view that with regard to external activities and permits relating to them, the band clubs should be regulated only by the civil authorities and no one else.  It said that the December 21 agreement was being suspended pending fresh talks and reconsideration. The association, which represents some 50 clubs, appointed a task force headed by Dr Noel Camilleri to represent it in the talks. The agreement had provided for a number of measures to ensure order during village feasts.(timesofmalta.com) Disagreement is always a very sad thing.

Marine engineer speaks of 'offer' by Mimcol CEO during yachtyard privatisation
Paul Cardona, a marine engineer with international experience in the building of superyachts testified in court today that during the privatisation of the superyachts facility the then CEO of Mimcol, Mario Mizzi told him: 'if you look after me, I am ready to help you'. Mr Cardona had a 5% share in one of the bidding consortia, SYC, which had been given 71 marks in the first round of the adjudication process. Mr Cardona said that in March 2009 he had been contacted by Mr Mizzi and they spoke about the privatisation of the dockyard and the situation at Gozo Channel. At one time during the discussion on Gozo Channel Mr Mizzi suddenly told him with reference to the yacht yard privatisation that 'if you look after me, I am ready to help you'. He also told him he was fed up doing all the work while others earned the money. Mr Cardona said he told his partners in the consortium, who insisted they did not get involved in this sort of thing. The biggest shareholders in the consortium were the Hili Group, SND Yachts and Falzon Group. Beppe Hili showed his disappointment at what Mr Cardona had been told. Mr Cardona said that in September 2009 he alerted Leonard Callus at the Office of the Prime Minister. He felt that he might have made a mistake in not going earlier, but his colleagues in the consortium feared that this could work against them. In the second round, the consortium saw its marks reduced to 48.(timesofmalta.com) All tenders must be considered before deciding the outcome.

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