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11/01/2012 - 21:10

Malta news: Pn calls on Debono to resign

Malta news: Pn revelations - PN MPs call for Franco Debono’s resignation from Parliament - PN to convene its National Council, reiterates backing for Gonzi and calls on Debono to resign. Since World War II Maltese political culture has developed into a two-party system donimated by the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party. Although other political parties have presented candidates and, in some cases, elected MPs, in most cases these were splinter groups of the main parties and, on the rare occasions when they were successful, this success was short-lived.

Malta news: Pn calls on Debono to resign
PN MPs call for Franco Debono’s resignation from Parliament
No MP has the right to betray the wishes and intentions of the constituents, and unless Franco Debono is prepared to change his stance, the only honourable and gentlemanly thing to do is to resign from Parliament, the PN parliamentary group said yesterday. In a statement issued after a meeting which lasted a little over an hour-and-a-half yesterday evening, the PN parliamentary group said that under no circumstances does an MP have the right to threaten the stability of the government and the country, particularly in view of the current international scenario. The parliamentary group, which met to discuss Dr Debono’s recent actions, expressed utmost faith in the leadership of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, and promised complete loyalty in the present circumstances and in any decisions which may be necessary in the future. The statement discussed Dr Debono’s actions, which it said threatened the stability of the country, and said that these demonstrated a serious lack of loyatly and respect for the PN leadership, as well as his colleagues, other party members and constituents. While understanding that the role of each MP is to put forth all opinions and ideas to the party, this should never prejudice party decisions. MPs adamantly refused to comment as they left the meeting, insisting that a statement would be issued shortly.(independent.com.mt)

PN to convene its National Council, reiterates backing for Gonzi and calls on Debono to resign
The executive of the Nationalist Party this evening confirmed its confidence in Lawrence Gonzi as prime minister and party leader and announced it would convene a meeting of its National Council to discuss the current political crisis. It also declared - as the PN parliamentary group did yesterday - that recent declarations by MP Franco Debono were unacceptable and caused instability. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said after the two-hour meeting that the only honourable option for Franco Debono was to resign and return his parliamentary seat to the people who had elected him. It was ironic, he said, that on the day when the European Commission had given a certificate to Malta acknowledging that it was on the right path to deficit reduction, the party had to be discussing a serious problem created one of its members because he did not agree with the decisions taken in the Cabinet reshuffle. An MP had no option but to resign when he stopped agreeing with the leader of the party on whose ticket he was elected, Dr Gonzi said.(timesofmalta.com)

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