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07/05/2012 - 23:29

Malta news: Policeman in court

Malta news: Policeman in court - Parliament is the highest institution in the land - Prioritising jobs, not parliamentary motions – PM - Policeman in court for shooting gun, threatening wife.

Malta news: Policeman in court
Parliament is the highest institution in the land
No government can be allowed to act as if it is greater than the Parliament and than the Maltese people, Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat said yesterday. Speaking at a political activity in Żabbar, Dr Muscat referred to a motion of censure that the opposition presented against Malta’s EU ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana, concerning a leaked US diplomatic cable in which he argued that Malta never withdrew from the Partnership for Peace, but merely suspended its participation. The government argued that Mr Cachia Caruana’s efforts were meant to allow Malta to access NATO documents, dismissing the opposition’s claim that the ambassador was working for Malta’s readmission to the PfP behind Parliament’s back. Dr Muscat, however, appeared to deem this detail irrelevant yesterday, noting the issue could still have been discussed in Parliament regardless. The Labour leader noted that while the Nationalist Party’s MPs have changed over the past 25 years, Mr Cachia Caruana stayed put, and that Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi had just been singing his praises. The same person had proposed digging a hole in St John’s Co-Cathedral, he said, in a reference to the proposed extension of the church’s museum which was subsequently withdrawn. Dr Muscat argued that parliament and the people were supreme. No power structure which believed otherwise would be acceptable, and Labour will ensure that this will remain the case.(independent.com.mt) Yes indeed the parliament elected by the people is one of the highest autorities in Malta.

Prioritising jobs, not parliamentary motions – PM
Malta is among Europe’s best performers at the moment, and the government’s priority was to ensure this remained the case, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi argued yesterday. Speaking at a Nationalist Party political conference, the prime minister contrasted this with the Labour Party in opposition, which he said was intent on moving motions in parliament instead. Motions censuring Home Affairs Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici and Malta’s EU ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana are pending, among others, and government MP Franco Debono’s criticism of both men makes his voting along with the opposition a possibility.In what has become a common argument for the prime minister, he contrasted the situation in Malta to that in European countries undergoing economic troubles. He asked the crowd to imagine how it would feel to discover that one’s pension, or one’s salary, has been cut by a third overnight. Dr Gonzi noted that particular emphasis was being placed on keeping government finances in check, but a counter-argument – that continuing to foster economic growth was crucial – was gaining strength. He said that Malta may not be perfect, and it faced its own challenges, but proclaimed, to loud applause, that it was one of the best performing countries in the EU. In his own, brief, intervention, PN secretary-general Paul Borg Olivier made a similar argument, stating that Malta was in Europe’s premier league. Stretching the football metaphor further, he said that this position was obtained because “team Malta” accepted the challenges presented and followed the directions of its “coach,” the prime minister. Dr Gonzi insisted that the situation was brought about through the choices the government had made over the past few years, including a number which were unpopular. Job creation does not happen on its own, he argued.(independent.com.mt) Prioritizing jobs is present in our society, however it remains barely tolerable.

Policeman in court for shooting gun, threatening wife
Francis Zerafa, a 39-year-old policeman from Zurrieq, was arraigned in court today and accused of having threatened his wife and and son and having fired a firearm in an inhabited area. The incident took place last Friday afternoon. He was also accused of committing a crime he was duty bound to prevent.(timesofmalta.com) A father can not possibly aim at his own family with a weapon

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