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18/06/2012 - 21:52

Malta news: RCC's resignation letter

Malta news: RCC's resignation letter - Gonzi criticises Muscat for promising permits in ODZ - RCC's resignation letter published - GonziPN in meltdown - Muscat.

Malta news: RCC's resignation letter
Gonzi criticises Muscat for promising permits in ODZ
Speaking during a radio interview yesterday morning, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said he has information that Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat is meeting individuals and promising them development permits in Outside Development Zones (ODZ). “Agritourism seems to mean building in fields but this is not what our country’s economic future and development should be about, Dr Gonzi said”. “We should not continue to see the damage caused to buildings under PL governments and their politics of the past, when fortifications were turned into discos”. Referring to students who might not obtain the results they desire in their exams this month, Dr Gonzi said they may have other talents they should explore and should not give up. The government is ready to give scholarships to people who would like to further their studies up to the level of professors without obliging them to return to Malta. But then home is home, with the clear skies, blue seas, our families and the social and infrastructural fabric we have. Commenting on remarks Edward Scicluna and Evarist Bartolo made regarding the economy and education, Dr Gonzi said the two of them urge people to believe them but after the 1996 election, stipends were cut despite the promises that they would not be touched. At the time, Dr Muscat was an activist in the PL working in its media machine, and writing that the decisions taken (in regards to stipends in 1996) were positive. It was also the time when Malt’s application for EU accession was frozen, and the Budget introduced 33 new taxes including one on prescriptions and medicines, said the Prime Minister.(independent.com.mt) Innovative projects are often diverted.

RCC's resignation letter published
he following is the resignation letter tendered this evening by Richard Cachia Caruana after an Opposition motion against him was approved in Parliament. The letter was published by the Prime Minister, who accepted Mr Cachia Caruana's resignation but asked him to stay on until he could be replaced: Prime Minister. By means of this letter, I am tendering my resignation as Malta’s Permanent Representative to the European Union. I have long believed that a person who becomes an issue becomes a liability, no matter the extent of their positive contribution or the truth or otherwise of the accusations against them, or the motivation for those accusations. It is because of this long-held view that, as you know, it was my wish to resign immediately the Opposition motion against me was brought before parliament, but the imperative towards duty compelled me to stay as long as required to answer questions from Parliament’s Foreign and European Affairs Committee. Since 2004, I have served Malta loyally as its first Permanent Representative to the European Union. I have always represented our nation’s interests with the utmost dedication. Whether I have served my country well is ultimately for others to decide.(timesofmalta.com.mt) This is a decision that could affect Malta in the European Union.

GonziPN in meltdown - Muscat
Labour leader Joseph Muscat said this evening that GonziPN was in meltdown and as predicted, Parliament this evening witnessed another government implosion. Speaking at a press conference after a motion calling for the resignation of Richard Cachia Carauana was approved with the backing of Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Dr Muscat noted that Dr Gonzi had said in his speech in parliament that he viewed this motion as saying  that he himself had betrayed his duties. With the motion having been approved, Dr Gonzi now had to act on the basis of his declaration. Speaking at a press conference, Dr Muscat said Dr Gonzi's speech in Parliament showed how he was in denial. Instead of trying to save his majority, he had launched an attack on the Labour Party. What Parliament had seen was another implosion of the government. GonziPN had failed once twice, three times and was no longer sustainable. This was evidence of how the prime minister had failed. This was not about any individual MP. As what happened in the past few months showed, this was an issue involving different persons where the common denominator was the prime minister.  Today Parliament even heard a declaration that some 10 MPs were ready to vote with the Opposition motion. This was a meltdown of GozniPN, a meltdown which was affecting government stability and democratic governability at a  time of recession when Malta needed a government with the moral and democratic authority to take decisions.(timesofmalta.com) Why the government is so unstable?

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