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01/03/2012 - 19:20

Malta news: Russian women

Malta news: Russian women - Out with GonziPN, in with ‘PN for the people’ - Court hears how Russian women were 'sold off' for prostitution- policeman among those involved - Car peppered with pellets after argument.

Malta news: Russian women
Out with GonziPN, in with ‘PN for the people’
It is time to do away with the Nationalist Party slogan GonziPN, with the leader as the central focus, and change it to a party for the people, because the people should be at the centre of our politics, said Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi yesterday. He was being interviewed for the first time since the party leadership election last weekend, on the Net television programme Iswed fuq l-Abjad, presented by Stephen Calleja. The move serves as an outright shift from the way the Nationalist Party portrayed itself in the run-up to the last election. At the time, after winning two elections under Eddie Fenech Adami, it wanted to push the idea that it was facing the polls under the new leadership of Lawrence Gonzi, while the Labour Party at the time had the same leader, Alfred Sant, under whose wing it had lost the 1998 and 2003 elections. “It is all about the PN for the people and this is the way we have to move,” he said. “We must identify the sectors where more energy needs to be focused, and work on them.” The slogan GonziPN will end and will no longer be used, he stated.(independent.com.mt) It's still sad to hear that the people should be the center of a political party, because it proves that it is not.

Court hears how Russian women were 'sold off' for prostitution- policeman among those involved
A 37 year-old man from Luqa was jailed for 11 years and had his farmhouse confiscated on conviction today in a case where a court heard how Russian women were brought to Malta under false pretences and forced to prostitute themselves while they were kept locked in the farmhouse. According to one of the witnesses, the women also used to be 'sold off' and a policeman was involved in the transactions which the court said were a disgrace on the human race. The case was taken to court after one of the women managed to phone her parents, who contacted the Russian police. Interpol and the Russian Embassy in Malta were also involved. The court heard how the Malta police had been able to intercept two Russian women at the airport as they were about to be flown back to Russia. The two women told the police that they came to Malta to work in restaurants but were forced to prostitute themselves in the farmhouse of the accused, Raymond Mifsud, in Luqa.(timesofmalta.com) This kind of situation is unfortunately very common: more reason to punish him severely.

Car peppered with pellets after argument
A Cospicua man who was allegedly involved in an argument with two siblings in Fgura in 2007 peppered their car with airgun pellets a few hours later, a court was told this morning. Jean Fred Vella of Cospicua, 27, was accused of having damaged the car, an Audi, illegal posession of a weapon and violating the conditions of a previous court sentence. The prosecution said that after the accused was involved in a a fight with two  men, he went to the street where they live in Fgura and shot at their car several times using an air gun. There was no one in the car. The accused in pleading not guilty. The siblings said the car, which belonged to their father Lawrence Grech, was  sold  soon after the incident and they were not seeking damages.(timesofmalta.com) If Lawrence Greth seeks nothing, why this legal proceedings?

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