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USA UK and Malta News
05/02/2012 - 20:28

Malta news: an heroic act

Malta news: an heroic act - Maltese shipping registry Europe’s largest, and most prone to illegalities - Maltese cancer cases expected to rise 49% by 2030 - Adoption and fostering are heroic acts - Mgr Mario Grech.

Malta news: an heroic act
Maltese shipping registry Europe’s largest, and most prone to illegalities
While Malta’s shipping registry recently reached the significant milestone of having become Europe’s largest, figures released this week show that ships flying the Maltese flag were also the most likely in Europe to be involved in the transportation of a range of destabilising commodities that, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, “threaten states and societies throughout the developing and developed worlds”. In fact, figures published by the SIPRI this week show that for every ship on the Maltese register, there are likely to have been 3.5 incidents between 1991 and 2011 involving the shipment of destabilising military equipment and dual-use goods or narcotics transfers by sea. Dual-use goods are those that have both civilian and potential military applications, including in the development of weapons of mass destruction and missiles. Malta is one of three European states, along with Germany and Cyprus, on the list of the top 14 flags most frequently flown by ships involved in such shady activities on the high seas between 1991 and 2011. The Maltese flag’s estimated involvement in such activities far outweighs those of Germany and Cyprus, and it figures the highest of all EU states.(independent.com.mt) This is due to the location of Malta, the center of the Mediterranean Sea, a position that earned him a unique past.

Maltese cancer cases expected to rise 49% by 2030
The incidence of new cancer cases in Malta is set to skyrocket over the next 18 years, experts from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) warned yesterday. In fact, the rate of new cancer cases in Malta is set to rise by a whopping 49 per cent by 2030, according to figures released by the British organisation yesterday to coincide with World Cancer Day. With new cancer cases in Malta expected to almost double over the next two decades, Malta will see the fourth-highest rise in newly diagnosed cancer cases in the EU. Malta’s estimate is, in fact, only less concerning than those of Ireland (with an estimated 72 per cent rise by 2030), Cyprus (55 per cent) and Luxembourg (53 per cent). The World Cancer Research Fund based its estimates on World Health Organisation (WHO) figures for anticipated increases in cancer diagnoses between 2008 and 2030. In 2008, Malta recorded 1,490 new cancer cases in 2008 and this figure is expected to rise to 2,221 by 2030.(independent.com.mt) The report of this organization should also be mentioned as possible alternatives to counter the rise of cancer in Malta.

Adoption and fostering are heroic acts - Mgr Mario Grech
The state should continue amending legislation to facilitate the adoption process and for the rights and duties of those involved to be safeguarded, Gozo Bishop Mario Grech said this morning. In an homily during a concelebrated Mass at Ta' Pinu Sanctuary, held to celebrate World Life Day being celebrated today, Mgr Grech described adoption and fostering as heroic acts. Mgr Grech said that there were babies who were lucky enough to be born within a loving family but fortunately many families were willing to adopt these children. Adoption was an exemplary generous act and it was authentic when the a family adopted a child not to satisfy their need but to help the child. There were also families who fostered children, including about 17 in Gozo. In a sense, fostering was a sign of bigger love than adoption, because while the adopted child legally became part of the family, families who fostered knew that a child was being placed in their care temporarily. Both adoptions and fostering were a heroic expression of Christian charity and a way how the Christian family could spread evangelism.(timesofmalta.com) Adoption is a generous and humane, it makes a great serice to society.

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