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02/04/2012 - 21:49

Malta news: deal with Qatar

Malta news: deal with Qatar - Talks with Qatar on gas deal too little too late – PL - Court rules that arrest was illegal - 'I found protection in Malta'.

Malta news: deal with Qatar
Talks with Qatar on gas deal too little too late – PL
Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat described recent talks held in Qatar during which Finance Minister Tonio Fenech tried to secure a deal in getting oil and gas for Malta at advantageous prices as a belated attempt to heed Labour’s advice to operate the Delimara Power Station with gas instead of heavy fuel oil. According to Dr Muscat, the government will soon formally announce the decision to opt for gas. Though he welcomed this new development, the Labour leader said that in the process the government wasted four years while families had to fork out more money on higher bills. The Opposition Leader made these claims while being interviewed by Sergio Mallia from PBS yesterday morning on One Radio. News about talks between the Maltese Finance Minister and the Qatari Minister of Energy and Industry Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada, who is also Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Petroleum, was revealed by The Malta Independent last Friday. Dr Muscat said while he is hoping this agreement goes through, it would be also worth calculating the amount the government would have saved had it opted to take this decision four years ago. He said that the government’s lack of planning and incompetence was further highlighted by the fact that for the past three years Labour has been advocating the use of gas, in view of the exponential rise in oil prices.(independent.com.mt) Qatar is a country that is becoming increasingly important.

Court rules that arrest was illegal
A court this afternoon ordered the release of a suspect from police custody after finding that the necessary requisites for an arrest were not observed by the police. The case involved Abderrahin Kharbouch, 37, a Morrocan resident of Hamrun, who had earlier pleaded not guilty to seriously injuring Bader Hassan Asayid, damaging a shop window and threatening Mr Asayid. Mr Kharbouch explained that he is a hairdresser and owns a salon in Gzira. Mr Asayid worked with him. Mr Kharbouch said he recently went abroad, and when he returned he found that Mr Asayid had closed his shop and started working with another hairdresser. He had confronted Asayid about tools and money he alleged stole from him. Mr Kharbouch said he was arrested by Police Constable Raymond Caruana, who is the father of Mr Asayid's girlfriend. The witness said he was beaten by the constable.  PC Caruana hit him on the head with a baton, grabbed him by the throat, threw him onto the floor and threatened to break his limbs and kill him.(timesofmalta.com) If the detention is illegal, we must stop it.

'I found protection in Malta'
UNHCR launches campaign to present refugees in Malta
The UNHCR office in Malta in association with a local production company has produced  five Public Service Announcements (PSA) TV spots to raise awareness about how protection status is changing the lives of individuals who found safety in Malta. The TV spots give a brief glimpse into the reality of five such people who are trying to rebuild their lives in Malta. They represent a cross section of beneficiaries of protection, all having fled persecution, war or exploitation in different parts of the world. They have endured threats in their home countries as well as during dangerous journeys. In Malta they have found hope for a new life in safety.(timesofmalta.com) Malta is an island welcoming and caring.

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